Noticed that I haven't heard the noise of the rig for a few days and discovered that the rig is gone. There seems to be only one well-head instead of 2 ( one for Sec 6, another for Sec 1). I have read about the companies drilling just to keep the lease. Just wondering if anyone knows of this happening in our area.

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Oh no!! You're scaring me!! :)  But you have gotten more than we have because we haven't gotten anything.About 3 weeks ago, I spoke with the company that has our lease and was told that they had just received info that the well was on and had been attempting to get in contact with QEP. I was also told that they ( Endeavor ) hold the lease for 9/10 of our land and another company in Houston holds 1/10! How crazy is that! Seems that it may be awhile for everything to come together.


Deborah, you are in Section 6?  We are assuming QEP holds our lease. Not who we signed with, but heard there was a trade. Gee, I may be totally wrong! It is scary.


Do you mind me asking who issued the little bitty check? Most of them won't cut a check for anything less than 25.00.

 Yes, we are in Section 6. You are right. It is a bit scary because information is hard to get come by. We originally leased with JW Operating and the lease was sold to Endeavor in 2009. I had to do some calling around to find that out.

Uh did we.  Maybe we just assumed it was QEP because they have been doing so much work in the area on the pipelines. I'll be calling someone tomorrow! I think  they should at least keep us informed  that we are being sold out to someone else.
They should keep us informed. If you find that your lease has been sold to Endeavor, you can call Dave Davenport at 720-979-0700. He is a very nice man and is the person handling the leases for this area. He said they bought some of the smaller leases from JW.  I think I got the number for JW Operating from their website. Good luck!
Thanks for the info. I'll let you know what I find out. It may help someone else on here.
The check was from QEP.  We're talking about a 3/8 interest in 160 acres, 1/4  royality .
I still say that does not sound right. You should call about that one.

Isn't the first check supposed to be the largest because it covers royalties from day one of production to the present? I don't understand a $9.75 check.

I will say I get royalties on another well and they did not do the "catch up" check as the first one. They are just paying 2 months behind. But, bshelby's well came in on the middle of the month. Even a half month should have been more than $9.75, especially when I read it was an interest of 160 acres. Most companies will not even cut a check for less than $25-$35 a month. That's why I find it hard to believe it wasn't an error somewhere.

 I have read where the first check is the biggest. Depends on the company maybe?

 Farmer- Have you found out who holds your lease?

Got the first "normal" check today on 6-15-8.  It showed production for May and July only.  Makes me wonder if there were well problems in the month of June, might explain that 9 dollar check.  Wish everyone else luck and happy check watching. (Postman becomes the most popular guy/gal around)  O yea, the check was mailed on the 20th of this month, dated the 15th.


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