The well is question is GOLSON 32 H 001 HARASUC.  This well has been producing 22-28M and for the past 2  months the production is almost nil.  For September, it shows production of 5.88.  It looks like it may be shut down, I don't know.  I was wondering if anyone knew anything about why the sudden drop.  I know a few years back, they had to re pipe it because they used some cheap pipe.  All help would be appreciated. This section is in South Bienville Parish, right on the Red River Parish line.   


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The well is still producing but it's over seven years old.  It has experienced a decline that is quite normal.   It looks like it was re-worked in June and placed back on production in late July.  It's currently producing about a half mill a day.

QEP is in the process of obtaining a ROW for 2 10,000 foot laterals that will service sections 31 & 30-15-9 in Bienville Parish.  Have no idea when they will start, but think it will be soon.  

I suspect that you are referring a notice letter for an alternate unit well application.  QEP does not have well permits for the two HC wells you mention.  The spacing application is separate from the permit to drill which usually comes along later.  QEP has one rig currently drilling in DeSoto Parish and 2 more well with permits waiting on that rig (30&19 - 15-9)).  If the company drills the wells in order, the wells you mention may spud around the end of the year.


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