We have property in extreme NE Bossier Parish, TS23, that borders Lafayette county and we are getting some lease offers.  This property was continually leased for many years but the past 2 or 3 years it has went unleased. Samson Contour has made the latest offer but I don't know a lot about this company.  The land man says they want to drill for natural gas in the Cotton Valley.  I would love to get some input and some comments and advice from all the folks on here that are much more knowledgeable than I am.  The lease from Samson seems to be the best offer and sounds about right for this area which is unproven aside from some Pettit oil producers in the area.  Kieth, Skip, Aubrey, Ted, anyone else jump on in there and give me some help.  Thanks

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skip would you check and see if Merit has recorded any from T22 and look at some of the details?

Merit Energy Services has not as yet filed any leases for Bossier Parish.  As there appears to be at least two land companies leasing in the north part of the parish it would be helpful for those members interested in tracking the offers to use section-township-range descriptions when reporting offers or asking related questions. 

Lease offers in T22R12W in sections 2,4,5,6,7,8,9,14,15...T22R11W sections 6       All of these are private land owners that i can verify by talking with them.  None that i talked with have signed. Anyone else care to add please feel free to do so!


As of now Merit says they are not interested in anything on the south side of Hwy.2 east of Plain Dealing.  Interesting , check out the map of the Smackover Brown Dense Shale on the website OilShaleGas.com.  Would love to hear from anyone else who may have any different information on where else leasing activity is occuring.

Obviously that has changed!  some offers on south side.

I noticed in the Sunday Times that JAG had 2 more locations listed in 23N, 11W.  One each in Section 9 and 10. It looks like both of them to be Haynesville Sand, vertical.

Heard the second well they drilled is producing around 600 barrels a day!  Looks like they are on a roll!

A number of JAG's Haynesville wells in this area exhibited good liquids production initially.  The 600 barrels a day would be an Initial Production test or maybe even a daily average for the first month's production.  Within a few months the production will be a third or less.  Before getting too excited about a rumor it is wise to find out which well is referred to and actually look it up on the state database.  I'll do that if you get the well name.

k, will do. word came from pumper that pumps their wells.

The well I heard that had very good production is the A J Stiles Est 10 well #3.  The next well Jag drilled was the BSI 10 well #2.  I haven't heard how the BSI well is doing.  Jag has the pad ready for the next well.  I think it is the Holland 9 well #2.

The Stiles Estate 10 #3 appears to be a typical HA vertical well for the area.  The last production reported was for Feb. which was the well's fifth month in operation.  The average daily production was 233 barrels per day.  The BSI 10 #2 has not been in operation long enough to report any production but should follow a similar production decline.


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