Mineral owners are receiving pre-conference notice letters for SM Energy unit applications in Section 13 of 23N - 13W and Section 18 of 23N - 12W.  The unitized horizon is the Pettit Reservoir A and it appears that SME will be drilling horizontal wells targeting liquids rich gas, condensate and oil.  The leases for this prospect were taken for SME by JB Land.Services, LLC and Merit Energy Services, LLC.  The area generally covered by this lease block is the eastern two thirds of 23N - 14W to the western one third of 23N - 11W and appear at this time to include the northern half of 22N -13W through 22N - 11W.


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No way to know without looking up each of the 44.  Looking at the names I'd say that the area covered is far NE Caddo and NW Bossier parishes.  A good bit west of 23N-12W.  Probably west half of 23N-14W and east half of 23N-15W, approximately.  Probably lands where SM will drill their next Pettet/Sligo horizontal.

Yes, Tater. We leased in Sections 13, 18,19,35, and 36. Producing well in 18. Next location is supposed to be in 13.

Thanks BD.  Hope you get some good wells and they move a little south towards me.

Location is staked in 20S-26W in Lafayette county just north of state line

Thanks, LC.  Has SM Energy received a permit to drill yet?

Not sure but I will check it out. Here is the link to the unit description.

http://www.aogc2.state.ar.us/Hearing Applications Archive/2013/May/123-2013-05.pdf


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