Note at the top of form says that upon successful completion the well name will be revised. Application shows this will be a horizontal well with TD of 12000'

Does anyone have any info on this well? If this has been discussed elsewhere on GHS, I did not see it.

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strouds man met with the comm. court last week said they were going to drill more wells to the north of arkla bkackstone well.

was discussing road damage.they must think rhe arkla well is a good one.

The Arkla-Blackstone #1H was completed on 11-21-13. Production reports are on file for Nov. and Dec. Jan. has not been turned in yet.


has anyone heard that they have increased the size of this unit to 640 ac??

Waylon, in the Initial Production report that jffree1 has linked above, report form space number 28 "Total number of acres in this lease", shows 640.0 acres.


The W-1 plat had 220.00 acres in the unit so that is an increase from the original well permit which they have not amended, as yet.


Thanks, jffree1.  Any idea why the "take points" are set back so far?

No idea. This is not an "as-drilled" plat showing an accurate lay of the well. It's just a Unit Plat so I wouldn't read too much into it. The end result may be quite different.

Heard that this well has been shut down to determine what the problems are and if they can be fixed. Anyone have additional info about it or have heard about plans for another well?

January production... more gas, less oil than December.



What is going on in Cass County.  I have 57 acres to lease.

Has anyone heard about Stroud's plan for a second well?


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