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Pegasi Energy Resources Corp., Tyler, Tex., said it has drilled the first horizontal well in Cass County, northeast Texas, to target oil in the Jurassic Bossier formation.

A multistage frac is planned in 60-90 days at the Morse Unit-1‐H, first well in Pegasi’s planned development of its Cornerstone project, which has been suspended with production liner set in the 2,000-ft lateral.

The company is evaluating the data acquired on the vertical pilot that penetrated all of the formation’s potential target reservoirs to 10,843 ft true vertical depth as well as the data acquired from the target zone of the horizontal lateral, which was drilled to 12,576 ft measured depth. The data will be used in frac design.


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Interesting, thanks

Hope this drilling activity eventually makes it to Bowie County.  Nothing like good ol' Texas tea to perk life up.

Where is the location of this well in Cass County?

Pegasi should be fracking this well soon. Anyone have an idea about the expected production numbers? What would be encouraging to drill more HZ WELLS THERE....What numbers would be disappointing?



Anyone able to be eyes on the ground and count oil trucks going out?  I figure 2 per day.  If the decline curve is reasonable, it ought to be good to go.

Anyone know what the current ballpark number is for a barrel of oil there?


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