is there still activity in south Cherokee county

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I have recently heard of activity south of smith county and east of Anderson county.  any knowledge of this.

There were two rigs drilling as of last Friday and both appear to be SW of Troup:

Block T Petro has a vertical Wildcat, Creedex-Black Walnut #1, 073-31507, permitted to 7200' in the T. W. H McCall Survey, A-602, Sec. 730. It may also target the Jacksonville, No. (Woodbine) and the Whitehouse (Paluxy).

Valence is drilling a horizontal in the Overton (Cotton Valley), Chiles Gas Unit B-1 #4H, 073-31504, in the E. C. Allison Survey, A-1, Sec. 315.

Is there any activity in Anderson County?

EOG and JAMEX have drilled wells that are probably chasing Goodland Lime. Check out EagleFord Forum for more details on this activity.

Can anyone tell me what the going rate is for leasing mineral rights in Cherokee County?


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