They are just thieves in my book. I have figured out that in the Barnett shale leases CHK sells the gas to one of their subsidaries at an extremely low price and then the subsidary charges extremly high fees for deducts. This way the royalty owner gets screwed and CHK profit is way up. My last check CHK paid from $0.14 to about $0.24 per MCF. I have interested with all of the producers here and DEVON, EOG, and XTO all paid $1.00 or more after deducts. Even the smallest companies that pay the highest fees paid close to a dollar. Must be something different between the Barnett and Haynesville because my interest there was paid at $1.51.

Chk was sued for this very thing out east and lost. I am speaking with an attorney and would like others to join in. I would advise new comers not to deal with CHK if possible.

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I have interests in Elm Grove.  Have not received a royalty check since February.  LA DNR shows production still going on at the well.  I have called the CHK mineral owners hotline and was asked to leave information on a voicemail.  Have not heard back.

our family leased to CHK last year we have land in Natch parrish SE QT SEC 4 T 13N RANGE 7 WEST WE HAVE HEARD NOTHING YET we don't even know if they are drilling there or what.... we are not gas savvy so now you really got me worried that we leased to them even though we have received no money.

we have a lease in logansport , have not received a payment since 4/1/2011

I don't know how to join.  Just put my name in or what else

Wow - I just leased to them last spring, well went on line in May, so I guess I can just sit back and wait, huh.  I've never heard of 14 or 15 cents, thought they had to pay the going price for the month of the production.

Way back in the days of conventional wells one of the older companies didn't pay and didn't pay.  But this elder old lady lived at the gate to the 3 wells and she told some other owners and they counted the trucks that came and went for awhile..then they blocked the road til they got attention.  I love how the old folks did things up close and personal.  Today we get a voice mail and it like things just go into a black hole in space.

I just saw something on business channel about Cheasepeak energy but missed the blurb.

I am to the point the only thing I think will save the royalty owners is for the company to find a buyer..

Nobody really seems to have a clue to what is going on. 

I have been sending letter to CHK concerning my royalty interest for 8  months. They have it wrong and they have changed it up and down several time. I finally found the head landman and sent him all information leases, breakdown on the royalty interest for the unit etc. I will wait and see. I have been in this business for forty years and this is the worst I have seen. I never do sign a division order, beacuse you do not have to in La.

Keep hounding them! they were charging us transp fees that we were not supposed to pay & we had to stay on it to get reimbursed (without any interest for the 1 yr they did it!) and we assume we got the correct reimbursement.  They also changed the % and gave some lame excuse that we could not verify without hiring someone to check out and cost us.  That didn't last long however after we started inquiring! My personal opinion is Chk is in financial trouble due to poor leadership decisions, etc. and they are getting to producing wells as much as they can.  they know nobody wants to fork over the $$ to hire lawyers or sue!  Just keep a watch on them. SAM

Please everyone get on Chesapeake's facebook page and start letting others know our problems.  You know they were real good up until a little over a year ago. Thats when something changed and they started to charge these large deducts. I buy minerals all the time but I have started just overlooking interest when I see it is Chk. I'm sure what they are doing is illegal, it is just expensive to sue them.

We have always had to watch Chk.  They charged us fees we weren't supposed to pay for a yr. and had we not called them on it would still be doing it I'm sure.  Got back some (no interest of course).  Also, they sneaked in paying less % for some lame reason until we called them on that and NEVER got any of that back.  Something wrong with Chk leadership! I think they are financially in a bind and sneaking out from producing wells all they can without getting found out. Just my personal feelings. SAM

Both my uncle and mother received a letter on Thursday, July, 2012  from Chk telling them that they were overpaid about $5000.00+ of royalties from Sept 9, 2009 through Dec 2011 and demanding they immediately repay the overpayment.  No wonder Chk is in finiancial trouble.  Where were the checkes and balances (accounting) during that time period.  There is no way to prove or disprove their claim.  If it is their mistake then they must eat it. NOT THE ROYALTY HOLDERS.  Has anyone else received this letter?  Property is in Bossier Parish. H. Mcc

Note that CHK retained counsel to follow up with lawsuits on these type of royalty recovery suits.  Many have been filed in NW Louisiana.  You can run CHK as plaintiff and see where they really cranked these things up in the past year.

While I am of the opinion that some operators make payment mistakes due to their own negligence - the law does give them some daylight to go after certain overpayments from the landowners (unless special language was included by the landowner in the lease to prevent it - even then, they would probably still try).  Just a heads up. 


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