Wildhorse Resources has permitted the apparent first horizontal Cotton Valley well in Claiborne Parish. It is the Harmon 3-34 HC #1 in 3-19N-6W and 34-20N-6W of the Athens Field.. It has a projected vertical depth of 13500' and a projected 6360' lateral. Go Wildhorse!



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Frac tanks, etc. on location.

After multiple frack jobs Wildhorse moved off the location in the first quarter.  The pit has been pushed in and cleaned up.  But the well had not been plug and abandoned.  The tree has been removed and plate with a couple of valves sits on top of the casing head.

At times while fracking they flowed back and had a flare going.  Toward the end they swabbed days on end prior to moving off.  Of course since it was Wildhorse, no word leaked out about what the state of affairs was.

With the Edwards well to the west having been completed and potentialed at 1.6 mscfd, I'm curious if anyone knows anything about the status of the Harmon 3 (renamed from Harmon 3-34).  Particularly since this deal about Memorial picking up extra lease property in Lincoln, Bienville & Claiborne.  Perhaps its not as good as the Edwards well but maybe the Harmon 3 is still a future producer pending them getting their ducks in a row.

So does anyone have any news?

The 1.6 mmcfd figure reported was from just one of the lower sands tested first. The well has been on line for a while and it is much, much better than that. It is a very top notch vertical well. And liquids rich.

Gary, are you referring to the Harmon well?  Or the other Claiborne WRM well, the Edwards?

The Edwards

In agreement with your optimistic assessment of the Edwards well, I see that a 24-hour DT-1 test of the Edwards on 10/17/15 showed 143 bbls of condensate, 3794 MCF gas, 18 bbls water, 3100 psi flowing pressure, through a 19/64 choke. This compares to an SDM2G test showing 30 bbls condensate, 1680 MCF, 25 bbls water, 2900 psi flowing pressure, through an 18/64 choke on 6/20/2015.


More than 4 years later the Harmon 3 still sits with a plate on the casing head. Still hasn't been plugged. The leases expired years ago. I touched base with the current operator a few months ago and they said they had no plans to do anything. Maybe if the price of gas ever gets back up they'll take a look at it. For now it's still just one expensive hole in the ground.

Then it would be a good idea for mineral owners under those expired leases to get a release filed in the public record.


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