Does anyone know why Indigo has halted all proposed deals with families that were very close to actually being paid for right of way roads and drill platforms in Desoto Parish?

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The Comstock McCoy 35-2 in 12N 15W was TIL on 12/14/18 for 27 MMCFD.  It is a 10K lateral which has a bottom hole one mile east of Stanley.


Steve, Jay may be able to provide more detail however the area just south of Logansport has low porosity compared to the surrounding Haynesville Shale fairway.  Hopefully the new wells designs will make some portion of this low porosity area economic.

27 MMCFD is a pretty fair well for a 10K lateral 2 section CUL.  At least to me, that indicates that the problem was the early wells, not the rock.  Is that a reasonable conclusion?  

I have not researched all of the production around that well or looked at the early vertical well logs, but yes that is about normal for a 10K lateral.  Watch the decline curve for more data points.


All of the12N townships are outside the low porosity zone.  The McCoy 35-2 is ~50% in 32 - 12N-15W and ~50% in 2 - 11N-15W.  So it is on the northern periphery.  A good start but we'll have to wait to see if this well's success to date leads Comstock or another operator to go a little further south.  Comstock currently holds an undrilled permit for a unit well in Section 1 - 11N - 15W to the immediate east.

There has been an undrilled permit in Section 1-11n-15w since 2011.  I don't know why Comstock keeps renewing it.

Yep, we have discussed that fact in some previous threads.  The difference this time is that the company has some production results to inform a decision to actually drill this permit.  Time will tell.

To help illustrate the area of low Haynesville porosity, I include the Petrohawk EUR map, link below.  The new well designs would certainly change a number of these contour lines.  The area outside the purple line where Logansport/Stanley  are located is generally the area in question.  Comstock has drilled a successful new version well that edges down into the first section row of 11N -15W.  Hopefully they will go further south in the near future.  The same original well designs that resulted in IP rates of 10 to 12,000 mcf/d elsewhere only hit about 2 to 4,000 mcf/d in the area outside the purple line in the opening years of the play.  Porosity was given as the reason and Chesapeake included those Haynesville units in the sale to Indigo.  Hopefully Indigo is encouraged by the recent Comstock well.  The map does not represent the Mid-Bossier shale which may not share the low porosity problem limiting the Haynesville in that area.  This was early in the play and few Bossier wells had been drilled.



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