See if this works:

Chandler A-19 survey, 9.85 m SW of Zavalla.  20,000 ft TD, 9000' lateral.  

Should be interesting.  BBX has a pretty good track record

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Interesting permit... 20K'vertical.  South of 1818 about halfway between Zavalla and Diboll. Someone (EnCana?) did a shoot out there in 2008.

I read the plat to suggest 20

Range drilled a deep vertical, Ruby Flournoy #1, out there several years ago but I think it was nearer to Zavalla, way south. Bossier Sand, if I remember correctly.

The Leor Bossier Sand well near Apple Springs has hit a flat spot in its decline curve.  making about 15000 mcf/month, as I recall.  not great, but not bad.  

I think over time there will be some good things found out there.

Hello, I'm one of three brothers who inherited the Chandler Johnson A-19 acreage. So, this is fantastic news for us! I just visited the area where the survey exits on Sunday, but I was on FM 1818, so north of where I think the attached drilling permit is saying. I'll be installing Google Earth and trying to pinpoint the spot in question, though welcome any help doing so.

It looks like I was a stone's throw away from the pending "Bigfoot" drill site when I stopped at Renfro Cemetery to take pics of the area this past Sunday....

I would like to see some sort of geological overlays for the Chandler Johnson A-19 survey, so what is considered to be there can be better understood.

I found a site that mentions several types of plays, such as Eagle Ford and Eaglebine...

So, my question now is...

Is the Chandler Johnson A-19 survey over Haynesville Shale or some other formation(s)?

About 4-5 miles east of A-19. Mobil drilled a 18,000' well to test Jurassic Carbonates (CVL / Smackover) in 1980.

Assuming that the 20,000' PTD is tied to vertical depth, that would make this a Smackover test which will also "see" the Bossier and Haynesville on the way to TD


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