See if this works:

Chandler A-19 survey, 9.85 m SW of Zavalla.  20,000 ft TD, 9000' lateral.  

Should be interesting.  BBX has a pretty good track record

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I think it's just to get a look at what's there. BBX is drilling AC in Jasper, Polk & Tyler Co.s and named a new Woodbine field in Jasper Co. last year.

Range drilled to 19,775' in the Ruby Flournoy well but plugged back to ~16,500' and named a Bossier Sand field.

The Mobil well was re-entered in '95 but they called it unsuccessful.


If BBX is chasing Smackover they must have (or have to have) some pretty good geophysical evidence that they have porosity at those horizons. That is the primary risk for these ultra deep carbonate targets - is the reservoir there or not?

Have to wish them luck - something very different for BBX if they are truly getting out of their "normal" Austin Chalk target window.

This one is definitely outside of their "normal" target zone. It will be interesting to watch.

Much appreciated!

More info on Bigfoot Well #1

Bigfoot Well

The Bigfoot drilling permit has been approved!


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