EOG has filed for there first new drill in Houston County. Jim Bowie 1H. A wildcat well at 10,500 feet. It's 6.4 miles southeast of Crockett. Looks to be off of Cut Post Oak rd in between Crockett and Lovelady.

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Yes - can you tell which quad or survey it's in?? - Thanks

J.R. Hart survey

Thanks -

Nabors 897 is rigging up for EOG to start drilling on the Willaim Harrison 1H. First of 5 wells so far permitted.

EOG is getting active in their drilling commitments and staking others in the Austonio/Porter Springs area --------- new target zone is reportedly a secret new play thats yet to be proven ? time will tell

hope they have better luck than Terrace/Trivium
Seen some guys IN EOG hard hats the other day around Creek off 1280. They are building a new location there also. Heard they have big plans around the area and also a new office coming to Crockett.

With four permitted locations south of Crockett, it sure appears that EOG is looking to try to extend their Walker / Madison County Buda/Rose effort into this area.

They may also be looking into the Edwards or other parts of the stacked pay play there.

Agree. Older Devon well (Cook) had some good shows plus took core in the Edwards  / Goodland section

I am aware of 3 EOG H well locations being built around Austonio/Porter Springs and another one being staked at this time ------ rumor has it that the target is the Goodland/Kiamichi formations ----- they are also talking about needing a lot of frac water so I assume multi-stage fracs are in the recipe as well.

They built a huge frac pond where they are drilling at now. Can't get in at the gate they have a guard but you can see it from the road.


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