I thought the attached G-1 and G-5 would be interesting to some folks.  G-1 has the completion information - looks like acid fracs and therfore the target is the limestone formations.  


24 hour production is 479 bbl of 42.8 API gravity condensate or oil.  1179 bbls of water with that.  Note this is a vertical completion across multiple, thick zones.  


Maybe I need to get Joe Aldrige to look at this, but it looks more like what he describes as TMS rather than Eagle Ford Shale.  Any other thoughts?

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Thanks dbob..this is really good info...it looks like they have comingled  Buda, Georgetown, Glen Rose and possibly Edwards and then stage fracked each zone….this is consistent with the model used in a play cal Wolfberry, where multiple zones are comingled and stage fracked in a vertical hole as opposed to a horizontal hole…this works really well in an area where there are many stacked pays, like the Ft. Trinidad area….I think it remains to be seen how effective the fracks will be in this area, as Navidad seems to be using very small fracks….


I hope it works...if so there wil be hundreds if not thousands of wells to drill in this trend!!



Different well, - Burk Royalty Grinstead - interesting results.  Comments?



The idea is interesting , but fracking carbonates ala wolffberry  may not work. The well Dbob just posted  seems to a poor well. There is so much drilling I tend to believe there are some good successes. There is plenty of drilling but very little production data availabe so the jury is out in my opinion. Are they using 3-D seismic to pick locations? Those wells are very expensive and the area is hit and miss? I cant help but believe there is some science behind the location picking...time will tell...

There are some differences (ignoring 5 miles + between these wells and differences in frac crews) - the Navidad well used 163,000 gallons of acid vs 93000 gallons in the Burk well; use of acid flakes in the Navidad well,  81,000 bbls water in Navidad, vs 66,150 bbls slickwater in the Burk; 280,000 lbs of sand in Navidad, 540,000 lbs in Burk.  


I haven't looked yet at the formation thickness, but I suspect there are some differences as well.

Of and Burk permitted wells in this area after the test date, so they aren't writing it off.   

Yes, they are continuing the drilling and that suggests good production. I checked with the prison lands and there has been no recent seismic permitted so I feel sure they are not using 3-D seismic to pick locations. I hope they keep on drilling and have continued success. I see Llog, Navidad and Burke drilling up a storm there.....I hope the success spreads to Trinity County!!!!

Navidad is drilling a horizontal well in the Ft. Trinidad, East (Buda) field 7.8 miles southwest of Lovelady. The Crispi #1H (225-31202) is located in the J. S. Blunt Survey, A-11 and is permitted to 15,600' with a 5285' lateral.


I am hearing that Chesapeake is buying out a couple of the early speculative leaseholders in Houston county  ------- also hear that lease bonus/terms have kicked up a pretty good notch in the private sector ------ can anyone confirm this or add rumors


  This lonesome Crispi #1H horizontal caught fire ( diesel tank) and burned everything on the location except the rig ----- the bit was expected to be stuck because the rig lost circulation and rotation ---- not sure how much of a delay this will be

Durn, that's not good.  Maybe they can sidetrack... I guess if they have to move over there will be a new permit? They were at 8640' on the rig report yesterday.
The fire was last week-end so if you are still getting progress reports then it must have turned out ok ---------- Where are you getting these "rig reports" and is this a fee service ?---- Glad you picked this H well to watch as I believe the other vertical wells are just lucky "pilot holes"  ----- I am hearing this morning that CHK is doing title curative work for 2 locations in the Ash community near Austonio and will be buying Western Chief out in this area--- oil field related traffic on hwy 21 w of Crockett has really picked up lately --- glad you guys are on top of things as this play is definitely moving from west to east one well at a time------ The rig for the Western Chief new permit is due in next week------ Can you tell what the target is for the H leg on the Crispi Well Jffree?
DH, they showed 8580' last week on Rig Data so they are drilling again.


 I located 4 rigs drilling in SW Houston County this afternoon. For accuracy would you compare this with your Rig Data  ---- I know that Baker Hughes had that service but it was not accurate for Houston County at all  -------- Thankyou


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