I thought the attached G-1 and G-5 would be interesting to some folks.  G-1 has the completion information - looks like acid fracs and therfore the target is the limestone formations.  


24 hour production is 479 bbl of 42.8 API gravity condensate or oil.  1179 bbls of water with that.  Note this is a vertical completion across multiple, thick zones.  


Maybe I need to get Joe Aldrige to look at this, but it looks more like what he describes as TMS rather than Eagle Ford Shale.  Any other thoughts?

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EOG had Nabors 897 on William B. Harrison #1H last Friday and had it assigned to spud the Jim Bowie #1H on 8-25.

Patterson #26 was on the Shelly #204 w/ spud on 8-17 for Treadstone. Also TS, Patterson #25 spudded the Butler Unit #1 on 8-15.

SDG had the Red River Drilling #33 on the Riess #1, which spudded on 8-13, drilling ahead at 5190'.

SEM had the Scan Glory on Mosley #2 and the Scan Spirit on Jones #2.

Seidler O&G had Trinidad #222 on the Tiger -2- #2H (still... 93 days) on 8-22-14.

New report out tomorrow.

Scan Spirit moved to ESPF 8 on 8-17. I wonder if they were able to make something at the Jones location.
Trinidad 222 has been gone for about a week. It was a smaller rig so wonder if that had something to do with why it took so long to drill.

Jones 2 looks to be cleaning up and getting ready to frac.

Nabors 897 started drilling early this week. EOG looks to be building a few new locations in the area.
Building location now

See new post about BBX in angelina county

Posted here because I think most folks follow this threa

Sorry about that someone asked me today about Big Keg south and Big Keg north. I think they are drilling prospects, but curious if folks are hearing anything about them.

Please tell me what Big Keg North and Big Keg South means. Sounds interesting.

EOG Project names - may mean "Kiamichi-Edwards-Goodland"

Stratigraphic formations that EOG is targeting.

how do they lay and what is their make-up? any guess at how many of these they may have successfully completed ?

I thought this was all about pasture parties.  

The only other idea I came up with was Kittrell, Eastham and Grapeland

Goodland = Edwards / different names in different areas.

Kiamichi is section that sits on top of the Goodland  Edwards.

EOG has drilled horizontal Goodland well near Tyler (successful oil well) with another planned.

Plus have reportedly cored this interval near Huntsville.

This interval has been a part of multi zone vertical completions by EOG and other companies too


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