Cat equipment arrived yesterday in Pennington to start road for pad. 3.5 inches of rain last night halted this action. Hopeful for the end of the week. Still looking for drilling permit to be posted.

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can you give basic driving directions?

What will be the name of this well and is the operator XTO for sure ?

Take 287 S from Crockett__go 15 miles and turn left on Pennington cutoff--Fm Rd 278l/FM358. Go 1 mile and turn left between old Pennington store and church (FM 358). Keep straight on 358 for 3/4 mile and Pennington cemetery is on the right. The entrance for the well will be straight across from the cemetery on the left (north side of 358). The well is supposed to be 3/4 mile back in the pasture that belongs to MQ Dominy. The site is between FM 2781 which goes to Kennard and Dominy Rd.  They are going to get the dirt from a spot further down on 358 just past Dominy Rd.  On Google Dominy Rd is listed as Diminey Rd--so much for perfect technology.XTO is the operataor. Still some unleased land near___but XTO has about 2000 acres leased from 2008 which they renewed last summer. Be nice to see alittle competition for the unleased acreage.

Very Good Joseph,

 You earned another merit badge ------ not long and you will be an Eagle SCOUT   ----- understand Cat D6 and Trackhoe unloaded --- only an O&G company would fight wet ground

Hooray for equipment operators who like to work in the mud! Culverts delivered and work started today on making way for the road across the creek and through the pasture.


  Found a third well site near Pennington today -------- it is on Fodice 2 road -------- many soil cement trucks so pad is pretty far along ------------ No sign of progress on Western Chief Well site East of Shady Grove ------------ lots of snapp'in turtles and logger heads out ---------- County Commissioner must read GHS as the 5 ton bridge going down to the ABBY ROAD had a portable bridge laying on top of it. ---------- New lease road into "Abby Road"site smells strong of soil cement also 2 car loads of Surveyors working intersection near Holly

About  45 years ago, the Hwy 287 bypass was built around Pennington and virtually put us off the map.  Maybe now we will be back on it. Spitfire grocery  on the corner is reporting an increase in traffic.  If you are around there about 7 am you can hear some local gossip. Too bad there is not any good food-fast or other in close proximity. Have to go to County seat cafe or mexican food place in Groveton or go to Crockett. I hear some of the workers are actually planning to stay in Lufkin because of that.

  Do you know who is building the pad on Fodice 2 Road down 2781 about 5 mls west of Pennington Joseph ?   XTO/Other

Pretty sure its XTO--when they came in leasing in 2008 they originally referred to the coming project as "fodice triangle".The first leases were done under Webb Shannon and Haas. They leased almost everything from Fodice to Pennington .  I will find out as I think I know who the land/mineral owner is.

Did you see that the RRC processing for drilling permits has jumped from 4 days to 10 or more days--maybe they are being bombarded with drilling permits.

Thanks Joseph,

  I saw more surveying and staking down at the intersection of FM2781 and FM 1280 ---------- L & W was the name on the crew vehicles

  Sounds like they need to send those permits on in to the RRC ---- hope some end up in Trinity Co. so it can get in on the act also ------ seems like the lease roads are much better than the narrow one lane county roads, a driver without a CB radio can find himself in a "real" jam when it is wet and might have to backup for miles. 

I have 150+ ac. which is part of 620+ ac. leased to XTO.  Property is approx. 2.5 miles SE of this intersection in "Trinity County".  The 2 year lease extension is due to expire in February 2013.  I am not sure if this is part of what is described as the "Fodice Triangle" or not.

BTW - some of the survey activity may be associated with the Oneok Sterling III NGL pipeline which will cross just north of that intersection.  They have already surveyed across my property and have a projected completion date in 2013.

DefinitelyXTO.  Same road crew that is working here in Pennington. I have never seen a road being built so fast. They are moving their a-- and dirt in a really big way yesterday and today. Texas DOT should come take lessons. It would take TXDOT 2 months to move the amount of dirt these guys move in 2 days.


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