Section 58, TS3-R1W

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Rig was brought on site yesterday.

Thanks for the heads up, Thomas.  For interested members, here is a link to the SONRIS well file.

Good luck TM... hope COP can make it happen!  We need something positive since the Eagle Ranch well has quietened down! 

I saw it shinning above the trees yesterday.

With rig on location, any observations from the field would be great. Comments on such things as contractor vehicles on location (e.g. Halliburton or Schlumberger), rig activity (drilling, tripping out), or anything else would be great!!


Well was spud yesterday.

Thanks, Thomas.  Good luck.

Thanks for report!!

Well depth 15,111 ft., formation test. Rumor that State Line landman is resuming lease negotiations-perhaps formation test results are positive? 

"Formation test" probably not a legitimate O&G evaluation test of the Austin Chalk but instead is probably a casing shoe / cement quality test to see how much pressure that casing point can handle. There will be a minimum equivalent Mud Weight pressure required to be established prior to drilling ahead so as to avoid a potential underground blow out and related problems.

Formation testing supports decision making and aids in the understanding of reservoir properties and fluids, i.e., commercial value of a well/geological formation. They are likely testing pressure and collecting fluid samples. 



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