If I read it correctly, Comstock filed completion reports today on the Furrh 2; 2-H & 3-H wells.  The 2 tested at 19+ million cubic feet per day and the 3 tested at 20+ million cubic feet per day.  I don't ever remember wells in Harrison County producing that type volume, if the wells produce at the test results.

Congratulations to Jack (JHH) and all the other mineral owners in this unit.  Now I hope Comstock will slide over a little to the west:)! Kathy

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Kathy, Comstock has completed six wells since the first of the year, in LA but practically right on the state line, that had IPs of 27 to 28 MMcfd.  These units straddle I-20 at the town of Greenwood.  The company has applied for more wells north of there.

Kathy,           Where are the Furrh wells?                         Tom

Liz's producing property is south of Hallsville.  It is Cotton Valley production.  We are hoping for some more wells.  Liz also has some unleased acreage near Caddo Lake.

You are very kind, Kathy.  I keep up with the LA side of the line daily but you know who does the same on the Texas side?  I'm sure you know it's Julie.  She and I have discussed some Haynesville wells not for into Texas from LA lately.  Things are stirring.

Kathy,     Thanks for the information.  Liz and I are doing fine, playing with the grandchildren (3 and 7) as much as we can.         Tom

I think members in need of help with E TX mineral issues need to seek her help.  And, when a short answer will not do, pay for her services.  I do.

Nice wells, Cathy. Pretty large choke but they were probably still flowing back frac water. Let's hope they hold up.

Furrh 'H' #2H IP was 19.665 MMcfd on 30/64 choke with 5895# FCP (flowing casing pressure); produced 469,438 mcf

Furrh 'H' #3H IP was 20.667 MMcfd, on 32/64 choke with 5640# FCP; produced 361,521 mcf

(one month & 4 days, both wells being completed June 26)

You're welcome. Yes, thankfully, and... always busy at something ; )



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