I read a Rockcliff press release and besides the Samson purchase, they have purchased an additional 60,000 acres predominately in Harrison & Panola County.  Sabine? BP? Valence? who knows.  I think Skips assessment that the Tellurian Louisiana purchase was probably Sabine acreage is correct. This months Samson check was cut by Samson but I am guessing by next month Rockcliff will take over all operations.  The Longview paper said that most of the employees working at the old Samson office by the airport have retained their jobs with Rockcliff after an article two weeks earlier that Samson had laid off nearly everyone.

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The Samson Contour units in Natchitoches, DeSoto and Red River may continue to be operated by Rockcliff as Tellurian has no need to create an internal operating division at this time.  It will be years before their LNG project is ready to accept natural gas.

No apology required, Kathy.  The HA units in those three parishes are all near Sabine Parish.

That's interesting, Kathy, thanks for the news.  I think that would likely put the wells somewhere between Karnack and Jefferson and a little north of Baldwin.  Does that sound about right?

Thanks for the correction, Kathy. 

Rockcliff permitted a couple of wells in Panola Co. recently that are on old Devon acreage that was acquired by Sheridan Production last year. I'm guessing here... but Sheridan may have either sold the deep rights to Rockcliff, outright, or otherwise agreed for Rockcliff to operate in the Haynesville.

I took a tour of area from Panola on 79 east on county roads and looped back to 31 to DeBerryll then drove West of Panola to 451 and back to 31..Rockcliff is drilling and there wre fracking trucks on every route I took..  landmen very active in the area.


been a long time since checking on the group.  Rockcliff started constructing a HUGE pad site adjacent to our property/minerals in Harrison County... just east of Elysian Fields.  It's the Roland Anderson Unit.  Four take points... three in the Roland Anderson Unit and one in our minerals.. called the Judge unit... Old Samson and new Rockcliff.  We fear this might become an allocation well at some point and I'll be checking in with the group if this becomes an issue.  I flew my drone over the site this morning.  do not know how to post the video... the file is huge and I don't know how to dumb it down.  will keep the group up to date.  Rockcliff seems to be getting real active in the area... Sabine and Comstock too.

this site has sure been quiet for long time..but there is a LOT going on in both Harrison county and Panola County.  Landmen everywhere.

It takes input to build interest.  Spread the word about GHS.  More active members sharing information on their area means more intel for mineral owners.

FYI Everyone: Tellurian also acquired controlling interest in Haynesville wells located Natchitoches Parish.  I know because I have a royalty interest in two of them.  One lease was with Samson (now held by Tellurian) and the other was with Petrohawk (subsequently acquired by BHP).  

According to Tellurian, Samson Contour continued to operate these wells through the end of 2017 and Tellurian took over operation January 1, 2018.  Prior to that all production and sales data was captured by Samson Contour and was to be transferred to Tellurian to support royalty payment.

It took Tellurian until July 2018 to make whole on royalty payments due for production back to October 2017.  The reported reason for the delay was the poor quality of the data received from Samson Contour.  Apparently the data granularity was insufficient to tie detailed production and sales data to royalty owners. In the end, royalty for October 2017 had to be paid as "net due" with no supporting data (such as price, fees and taxes).

Eleven months in, BHP has not yet resumed normal royalty payment. The reported reason being Tellurian has not provided the production data required.  I am contacting Tellurian now validate this claim.

I will report Tellurian's response in a separate post addressed to all BHP royalty owners.


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