Is there anyone who might have an update on any activity in Marion County. I know that the Smackover fields in southern Arkansas and Louisiana are active, but I didn't know if there might be any updates on Texas?

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It doesn't look like you have received much response to your inquiry, Victoria.  I have not heard anything about what's going on either.  Greg White said he didn't know anything either when I talked to him several months ago.  That seemed a bit strage to me, but that's what he said.  When I get the time, I will do some research on the RRC website to see if they have anything to offer. 

Victoria and Dave, if you are not already following the Harrison County Group discussions I suggest that you do so.  Use this link:

What happened to the 7 permits that were issued a year ago?


To my knowledge, nothing.  I don't get drilling info so i can't confirm they haven't been drilled, but they certainly haven't been completed.  

GMX has filed a completion report for its Haynes #1 well, and it appears to test depths of around 9000-10000 feet. Completion reports reflects 534 MCF/day and 34 bbls of condensate, with 569 bbls water.  Its interesting, but it would be nice to know more about what they found in terms of science and where they are in terms of flowback.  I don't see production reports yet for that well, so we can't really evaluate it.  

Marion County currently has one rig.


dbob and Skip would know better than I, but I think that a permit expires in 6 months if drilling has not begun.

I think that Bachtell had a test well and were not real pleased with the results???? I am with you, I wish that we could get more scientific reporting. 

Dave, drilling permits are good for two years.  

Thanks for the correct information.

Virginia, putting 2 and 2 together based on this information, I project that nothing will happen on our lease until these permits expire.  2 and 2 may not equal 4 in this case, but my assumption is that McAlpine secured these permits to PREVENT drilling on his land.  I think his only motivation is to delay drilling as long as he can.  I'm not sure what he can do at the end of the permit term, but if there is another stall tactic he can use, I suspect that he will use it.

Its Victoria, but the bottom line statement that I am gleaning from your comments is that the holder of the lease shows no interest in developing any activity.???? It all boils down to money.

Sorry about muffing your name, Victoria.  There must have been a Virginia Ridge somewhere in my long forgotten past.

No, that's not what I'm saying.  McAlpine is the current owner of most of the land surface where our mineral lease is located.  HE is the one that doesn't want any drilling activity.  Bachtell Oil is the lease holder.  I assume that they want to drill if it looks like a profitable venture.  Further, I assume that they would not have spent the money to negotiate the leases if they didn't think there was a reasonable prospect of a successful well.  The problem is that McAlpine has secured permits to drill before Bachtell did.  I don't think he really plans to engage in any drilling activity.  He only got the permits to keep anyone else from drilling on his land.

When does that expire? Or, legally does his permit survive for 2 years? I thought that he had filed something else to place a moratorium against Bachtell from drilling? I also heard that Hollywood is coming out with a movie that tells the ugly story of fracking. That would support our cause, either. 


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