Does anyone know of any recent activity in Marion County?  Our lease is up in February 2014.  Are they really going to drill?

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CCG, who is "they"?

Anybody really.  Our lease is with Pegasi and ends in a few months.  It doesn't look like they've made much progress in a while out there.  

CCG, If you are not included in an existing producing well or unit with a producing well, your lease will expire.  Considering that there appears to be growing interest from one or more companies other than Pegasi, that is quite likely a good turn of events for you.  Do your homework and be prepared.  The next time you receive a lease offer you should be better prepared to deal with it.  And hopefully more will be known about the company or companies behind the leasing and what formation(s) they are targeting. 

I believe we have 6-10 wells that were producing back in the 30's or 50's I think.  Whenever the Rodessa Oil Field was active.  All were vertical and shallow and have been plugged except for one which is still producing in Marion County.  Skip, you give great advice and I always appreciate anything that you contribute.  I'm educating myself as much as I can.  We just acquired this land, so it's been a learning process.

You're welcome, CCG.  We could use input from more Cass County land/mineral owners.  Please suggest to your friends and neighbors that they join GHS and the Cass County Group.

Will do!


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