ANYONE AWARE OF ANY NEW ACTIVITY IN SEC. 35 - T11N - R10 W (Natchitoches Parish, La.)  ??

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Independence Drilling Rig #164 spud the RUSS 2&35 HC #2 on 5/7.  There is an additional well permit for the same two sections.

Thank you Mr. Peel .... what do the dash lines mean going across Section 35 in this diagram ??  at ....

The bold black lines are the submitted horizontal wellbore paths.  Before Indigo can drill any horizontal well, they must get "spacing approval" from the state.    Laterals may be no closer than 330' from an east or west unit line and must be at least 660' in separation one from the next.  This application requests spacing for three wells drilling through Section 35 11N-10W and Section 2 10N-10W.  The spacing orders are effective indefinitely and do not require a well or wells to be drilled.  Currently Indigo has 2 well permits for those three approved well "slots".  The first permit expired without being drilled.  I expect Indigo will drill the other live permit but there is no guarantee.

Thanks again Mr. Peel.   I can verify they are drilling at the site per your information because I visited the drill site today, May 14, 2020, during the 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM.  The drilling rig was in operation at the time.  I secured pictures as well.


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