Chesapeake Permits 1st Haynesville Shale Well in T13N-R7W (6/8/10)

Chesapeake joins other operators in testing the eastern limits of the Haynesville Shale play with this long awaited first well permit in T13N-R7W and the first in the Ashland Field.

Chesapeake, PH 8 #H1 Well, Serial #241491, S8-T13N-R7W

S8-T13N-R7W, CV RA SUD Unit, Chesapeake, Ashland Field, Natchitoches Parish

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As expected, this well (#241491  S8-T13N-R7W) has been hooked up to the new pipeline.


COMPLETED 10-6-11; GAS; CV RA; 10,026 MCFD; 59/64 CHOKE; 67 BWD; 5300# FP; 6825# CP; PERFS 11,599-15,394' MD

Note the wide-open choke.  Maybe we'll get the IP's on the other two nearby CHK wells within a couple of months, which are padded in sec 17 and sec 20 . . . and was told the Red Adair crew has departed, having done all they could on the hung-up pipe via:

242011 HA RA SUG;GUIN 20-13-7 H

And so now with a pipeline in place to develop these Ashland units -- the question is:  "What will happen next?"


Anybody know why this well has such an open choke?

I don't know, Highwayman.  Maybe Les B. would know.

But if I were to guess, it might be because that new pipeline, put in just for these three wells so far -- ain't got that much pressure/gas flowing into it yet per the other two wells not even having IP's (as of yet).  But hey, I could be wrong.

Highwayman, I do not have a good explanation as the flowing pressure (5300 psi) looks high for such a large choke size.  It could be there is some type of flow restriction downstream of the choke that is causing a high line pressure and requiring a large choke size.  It is also possible the choke size is a misprint.


The well was completed with 11 frac stages. 

How do the wells appear to be doing?  Just thought I would ask.  Maybe more information is posted about these at the preset time. 


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