EnCana Completes First "Super" Haynesville Shale Well in Natchitoches Parish

EnCana has completed the Semp Russ well in the King Hill Field with a flow rate over 22 MMcfd and flowing pressure above 9600 psi.  This well is similar to the better wells in Red River Parish and shows the high quality area of the play extends into the northwestern portion of Natchitoches Parish.


Additional information available on Sonris indicates this well is completed in the Haynesville Shale rather than the Bossier Shale confirming both formations are likely present and productive in this region.


EnCana, Semp Russ Pltns 6 #H1 Well, Serial #241008, S7(6)-T10N-R9W, Natchitoches Parish, 22503 Mcfd, 23/64" Choke, 9618 psi Flowing Pressure      

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I appreciate this information Les.....Have you heard of any leasing in that area.....I know some pipelines are being started......Any news on any wells to be started in that area?  Thanks again...
Brent, there are still 6-8 permitted Haynesville Shale wells in this part of Natchitoches left to be drilled but not sure if they will actually be spud before permits expire.  I do not have any leasing information but believe additional activity is not likely to occur for next 2-3 years until natural gas prices increase significantly.   

Les, near the Lake End - Ajax exit is:

1.  Samson Contour - S/N 241934 S8 - 10N - 10W  - Blue 8H well allowable posted 14.953 MMcfd per Skip on another thread. 

2.  On Feb.24 XTO permitted well S/N 242961 S17 -10N - 10W. 

3.  On March 18th Samson permitted well S/N 242961 S7 -10N - 10W. 

4.  Add the "Super well"


I was hoping this part on Nat parish was starting to warm up as opposed to "not likely to occur for next 2-3 years".

I agree with Les.  IMO, the industry feels strongly that the geology changes in the relatively near vicinity of the NW corner of 10N - 9W represented by the Semp Russ well.  It's likely a financial decision  not to  step out into an area which may be technically challenging and expensive to prove up as indicated by EnCana's decision to let leases expire.  Considering EnCana's very large HBP'ed leasehold position which encompasses proven areas of the HA and BO, they may not value any additional dry gas reserves.  Or at least can not justify the capex investment required to keep it.

Brian, the recent well results could create some some increased drilling in the area - especially by Samson given this may be one of their best areas in the play.  EnCana/Shell still have three additional locations they could decide to pursue so we will just have to monitor.


Samson, Blue 8 #H1 Well, Serial #241934, S8-T10N-R10W, Natchitoches Parish, 14953 Mcfd, 22/64" Choke, 7300 psi Flowing Pressure

EnCana, Semp Russ Pltns 6 #H1 Well, Serial #241008, S7(6)-T10N-R9W, Natchitoches Parish, 22503 Mcfd, 23/64" Choke, 9618 psi Flowing Pressure

Samson, Walker 18 #H1 Well, Serial #242961, S7(18)-T10N-R10W
Samson, Crest 5 #H1 Well, Serial #241776, S5-T10N-R10W
EnCana, Margaret Downs 36 #H1 Well, Serial #241381, S36-T11N-R10W
Shell, Marie McDaniel 21 #H1 Well, Serial #242154, S21-T9N-R10W
Shell, Jans Min 5 #H1 Well, Serial #241696, S5-T10N-R9W
XTO, Binning 17 #H1 Well, Serial #242823, S17-T10N-R10W
Petrohawk, Bierden 23 #H1 Well, Serial #241588, S26(23)-T11N-R10W
Petrohawk, Didier 22 #H1 Well, Serial #242740, S37(22)-T11N-R10W

Any info on area township 13N, Range 7W  ?

Dee, GoshDarn is the expert in that area but I have the following well status information.


Drilled & Completed  - Chesapeake, PH 8 #H1 Well, Serial #241491, S8-T13N-R7W 
Drilled - Chesapeake, Hood 17 #H1 Well, Serial #242238, S8(17)-T13N-R7W 
Permitted - Chesapeake, LAM 18 #H1 Well, Serial #242405, S18-T13N-R7W
Drilled - Chesapeake, Guin 20 #H1 Well, Serial #242011, S20-T13N-R7W


No well test information posted on Sonris for the PH well. 

Les We have a pad built on or section.  But have not had any activity.  Seismic work is being done but haven't heard anything on the drilling.....Was hoping since they had the pad built that they might at least drill.  I have waited 5 years for something to happen so what is another two or three......lol....

I appreciate your help and I'm thankful for your knowledge on the shale.  Hoping for the best in the future...


Les, I have some unleased mineral interests in S9-10N-10W, which would be approx. 4 miles due west of this well.  There's been virtually no leasing interest for 2+ years in this area.  Am I correct that it is your opinion we won't see any viable interest until gas prices go up, despite the increased drilling activity?  Also, I understood a lot of the leases in 9-10-10, with EnCana, are about to expire.  Had anticipated a spurt of drilling activity in the area to hold those leases.  Are you seeing anything to substantiate such thinking?

BB, generally I think that EnCana will just let leases expire similar to what happened in parts of Red River Parish.  But with the success of this well and Samson's Blue well it just may spur some drilling activity.  Your section seems further complicated as I believe Samson is the unit operator.


Hopefully leasing will pick up again in another 2-3 years. 


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