First XTO (ExxonMobil) Haynesville Units in Natchitoches Parish (8/4/10)

XTO (ExxonMobil) joins other operators in Natchitoches Parish by proposing five (5) new Haynesville Units in the San Miguel Creek Field. This is an additional positive sign for the southern potion of the Haynesville/Bossier Shale play. We will just have to see long before ExxonMobil permits and drills a well.

S4-T9N-R10W, HA RA SUR Unit, XTO, San Miguel Creek Field, Natchitoches Parish
S15-T10N-R10W, HA RA SUN Unit, XTO, San Miguel Creek Field, Natchitoches Parish
S22-T10N-R10W, HA RA SUO Unit, XTO, San Miguel Creek Field, Natchitoches Parish
S28-T10N-R10W, HA RA SUQ Unit, XTO, San Miguel Creek Field, Natchitoches Parish
S29-T10N-R10W, HA RA SUP Unit, XTO, San Miguel Creek Field, Natchitoches Parish

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Bob they are back to fracking the  Birdwell 22 well this morrning.

Thanks for the update Pine Knot 



Thanks for your update too Pine Knot. Any signs of infrastructure construction from the Birdwell well to a main downstream transmission pipeline?

Pipeline ROW has been puchased and they should start laying pipe soon. Wells in sections 15,22,28 and 29 have now been fracked. They finished the last one this week. Running 5 inch liner on 22 today it should be ready to produce as soon as the pipeline gets laid. They are all waiting on pipelines. Let yall know when I see a dozer any where.

Thanks for the update Pine Knot. That's great news for me. What exactly is 5 inch liner? I am assuming that 22 means section 22? Will all of the other section's pipeline have to be completed before any of the wells can start producing? Thanks again.

Section 28 has not been fracted. Not sure about sections 15 & 29.

Pamela, a 5" liner is similar to production casing but does not extend all the way to the surface.

Equipment moving into Section 28 to start frac this week.

Thanks for the update Brian.  The well in Section 28(Steadmans) has been a big mystery so good to see that they are going to frac it.  Let us know if they frac Section 29(Blakenship) afterwords.

The  dozer started clearing the pipeline today between the Powell and Birdwell wells. Said to be only 4,000 feet to lay to tie into the Center Point line.

Section 22 Birdwell is selling gas now.

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