Skip's post Oil and Gas News Locations & Completions for April 30 lists the following permit for Natchitoches Parish followed by his comment below.  This is potentially very exciting news for the area. 


Brammer Engineering Inc, Olympia Minerals, 001, Sec. 16, T8N, R8W, Wildcat, 4850' MD, Eagle Ford Shale.


"And it is permitted as an oil well.  I think there may be some leasing activity associated with this permit.  Natchitoches members should watch this well."


Can anyone elaborate further on the matter at this point, or are we in for yet more suspense?

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The clock is only set to zero on the contiguous (touching each other) servitude of Olympia Minerals. Some timber companies go through hard times at points in history. During these hard times some sold their minerals. These companies screwed themselves. You would have to know how bad of trouble these companies were in at the time they sold the minerals to call it a screwing, some may say that they saved to company by selling the minerals. Think of it this way, you own the family farm of 100 acres, the land is mortagaged for $10000.00 but you can't pay the note of $300.00 per month due to you being out of work, so you sell the minerals to be able to pay the note to save the farm. You still have the surface but have lost the minerals for 10 years. You run the risk of someone drilling a well during that 10 year period, thats the chance you took to save the farm. Do you fault the one that financed you to save the farm to have a chance to get their money back plus a profit.

Or sometimes its just a way to get your interests seperated. I'm sure Roy O Martin is happy with his stake in Indigo he recieved in exchange for ROM Timber's  minerlas


Indigo looks like another Co. looking for buyers, or why else would they have split, HA in Indigo, Tuscaloosa Marine in Indigo 2? Looks like making it easy for a buyer to pick and choos to me.

Was it Indigo Minerals or Olympia minerals that punched the hole in section 16  of 8N-8W.  I know that Roy Martin has big interest in Indigo.  I thought it was Olympia and punched on Temple timberland  (Boise) in this section. 



read my blog on mineral servitudes.



Thanks Baron!

Can anyone tell me of activity in San Miguel Creek Field. I have a lease with XTO and my property is close to the Birdwell 001 well. We own 20 acres W/2 of SE/4 of SE/4 of section 22, T10N, R10W. Thanks

Might the Eagle Ford end up productive in this area after all?  Will be interesting to see how things play out!  Check out the following discussion:

The depth of the formation is important as far as the presence of mature hydrocarbons. Only in far south Natchitoches Parish does the EF appear to have sufficient depth to be prospective.  The well that is the subject of the original discussion was quite shallow and appears to confirm that the EF was not productive that far north.

Was that shallow well drilled for purposes of actual exploration or simply to interrupt prescription?

I don't know.  If I recall correctly there were some leases taken in conjunction with the well.


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