I recently noticed Fenstermaker surveying along LA 155 in Ashland near a P & A'd well location.  Don't know anything official, but possibly doing a well site survey.  Fenstermaker does a lot of layout work for Encana.  This is in a section that Chesapeake unitized pre-HA for Cotton Valley.  Way out of Chesapeake's current range though.  Will keep an eye on it.

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Is the location east or west of Hwy 153?
About a mile west of Hwy 153 just past the Hathorn Cemetery.
After talking to some people that live around there, it appears that Chesapeake is preparing to drill a well in the area. They have already paid for a drill site. They have Sec. 7-8-17-18, T. 13N, R. 7W unitized for CV & Hosston as well as Sec. 13, T. 13N, R. 8W. Their application defines the CV down to 16,105', so don't know if that will cover the HA or not.
Highwayman, it is difficult to assess whether the CV Units would cover the Haynesville Shale. The well log referenced in the unit order is in Sec 20 ot T16N-R4W which is quite a distance northeast of the units.
The cemetery where the survey crew was working nearby is in Sec. 8. I don't know where exactly or what section they plan to drill the well. I do know for a fact that a lease in 08 13N 7W will expire in August 2010. I go through this area frequently and will let everybody know what, if anything, I can tell is happening.
Highwayman, a little trivia. How many people can say they actually played in a high school basketball game in the Ashland School gym?
I did!
Count me in. 4 Years Ashland Bearcat
Thanks everybody for the trivia feedback.
Hey Les B, I played there many times because the Martin's are my relatives. Remember he was principal and she was the english teacher and their boys were darn good basketball players. My mother and Aunt Annie were sisters and grew up at Fairview Alpha, I think you know where that is also. Question: is the leasing getting hot in and around Ashland?
Waltcop, unfortunately I am not "on the ground" so do not have a real sense for the leasing activity. I think there needs to be further drilling in T13N-R8W to get more info on the eastern front of the play. Also may need the results from the CGGVeritas Tri-Parish seismic survey.

Yes - I am very familiar with Fairview Alpha. I dated one of their cheerleaders for a time.
I bet the number keeps getting smaller every year. I had family that went there. I sure hated to see the gym burn down last May and I know the town misses it. Maybe the HA Shale will make everyone feel better.


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