What is the going Bonus per acre for a lease in Panola county east of Mt Enterprise (Joseph McAdams survey)?

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Is someone wanting to lease your acreage??? If so, how much have they offered you?

I have acreage (enough for a complete unit) in the Northern part of the county, just half a mile or so from a large XTO multi-unit area, and I've actually offered the acreage 'for free' if someone would actually drill.  Three independents have said nope... so, take it how you will.... there's no interest, even at free.


Good luck, though.... imho, there's hardly any leasing going on in Panola County, and what there is, is at 'traditional' prices, just a couple hundred an acre.  Been a few weeks since I had reason to work in the Carthage courthouse... most of the folks I see there, I've seen for years...



Don't give up hope - that area does produce gas although not much in the way of liquids from the Haynesville.  You might want to offer it up again but include a depth clause to separate the Cotton Valley from the Haynesville.  Crystal ball says Cotton Valley is heating up in some areas, at least where liquids can be found with gas.  

Lynda, I also am in the joseph mc Adams survey.....we should talk..Nancy

Yes I would like to talk too. My email address is lyndabeach@me.com

This won't help you in the Mt. Enterprise area, but just to give you an idea two years ago Chesapeake gave me $3,000 an acre for a lease east of the Sabine, north of 79. Unbelievable. Maybe they were smoking something :-)  Haven't heard from them since. But these offers of $200/acre I'm hearing about should be greeted with knee-slapping hilarity.

It's 2018 now and we now know Cheasepeake was smoking somethng..our leases.

Things are moving now in Panola county again but sure not any chatter on the site regarding it..I hearing offers of from $300 to $1500 acre for minerals.  No confirmation tho.

I’m not seeing anything new happening. However everything we have is under lease, no new drilling and the prices are so low i don’t expect anything to happen until the prices go up some. I wish but reality is reality. 

 those old old messages should be removed...confusing ..has nothing to do with what going on in 2018

It is a good idea to start a new discussion on the same topic in order to avoid confusion between current replies and older ones.  You can even use the same discussion title and just add the year. 

There is a fair amount of acreage that appeared prospective but never was developed owing to the steep drop in natural gas prices and the decisions of companies to move their drilling dollars to oily basins to get more liquids in their product mix.  Some of this current leasing may very well be operators expanding into areas that were never drilled because of the price and corporate decisions.  However, the ability of the new well designs to make economic rock that was previously seen as marginal or non-economic has made an opportunity for investors.  It also favors investors that many mineral owners in these areas never got a lease or got a lease and never got a well.  They felt left out of the boom.  That can make them prone to accept the first offer that comes along without attempting to do any research or seek professional help.  And possibly to place their emphasis on the bonus at the expense of terms regarding royalty and other standard protective and beneficial lessor clauses.

makes sense..I took your advice long .ago and never regretted it. Oil leases are termed in strange language..kind of like computer speak....DEcimal interest ..is one that comes to mind.

 too simple to just say "your portion of royalties in your unit".


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