I don't have any credible information but I have been told to watch the Chevron well in NE Panola Co. that they just rigged down on.

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Thanks again Kathy, I'm located between Hwy 149 and FM 124 on co rd 2502 approx 6-8 miles out of beckville, looks like this is very very close and hopefully they will move my direction. My lease on this unit is with chevron and I also have some off of FM 124 right at Youngblood Cementary that is with Samson and McGoldrick. I recently was up there for the annual meeting at Youngblood and got no news. My relatives that we're able to provide info have all passed. Thanks again and good luck to you also.
Wanted to let you know Kathy, I've just found out this new Shivers well is approx 1 mile from us, fingers crossed and praying. Good Luck to you also

That's great news Gale. Before I make this comment I will say I do not know anything, but I find it hard to believe they are producing this much oil out of the Travis Peak in NE Panola County.  Maybe a drilling consultant will make a comment about horizontal drilling in the TP, but as long as they are producing oil, that is the important thing for you and your neighbors:).  Our closest minerals are in the B. Anderson Survey in Harrison County close to the county line. Best wishes.

Thanks kathy, this unit is all under lease to chevron and I have some other that was leased to McGoldrick which has farmed it out to Samson back in the early 90's. McGoldrick has one well they kept and retained the rights in TP. They tell me we have oil there as well, also a cousin back in the later 90's had a oil well drilled by chevron and they told him they intended to drill many more, his was a so called test well. About that time the bottom fell out and we never heard another word about it. I'm hoping with this joint venture between Anadrarko, Chevron, Samson and Markwest they will be drilling lots more of these wells. Best to you and thanks for the info.

That's great Gale, they already have the Bayou Billionaires tv show.  I hope you have a show called the Beckville Billionaires :).  Also I wanted to let you know, as usual, I am wrong.  A family friend who is a landman and also a member of this site told me there have been several random Travis Peak wells in Harrison/Panola County over the years that produced  300+barrels of oil for one to two years.  I was going by personal experience in multiple wells over the years. Kathy

Doubt there will be any beckville billionaires LOL but a nice little oil well for a yr or two would be welcome.
Update Kathy,

As it turns out you were right in that this was good news for us, Chevron has drilled the first of three permitted Oil Wells for us with Good results. They are in Travis Peak and Horizontal wells. Needless to say I'm excited, now I've contacted the small company holding our lease across the rd and ask then to get it drilled as well. We shall see. LOL

That's great Gale.  It is rare that I am right on anything and I am glad for you and your family :).  We have been told that EOG is now leasing using several different brokers in Panola, Harrison County and a couple of west Louisiana Parishes leasing for this same play that Anadarko, Chevron, and BP are concentrating on. Congratulations again.

I suspect that this is the reason why. Note the liquids being produced from this hz. Haynesville well.

Anadarko has made a couple of statements about the liquids being recovered from some of their HA wells but so far they are not including those figures on monthly production reports.


Thanks for the information jffree1 :).  

I've attached the completion report on the Shivers A 2H.  There is also a similar report for another Chevron/Shivers well.  Looks to be about a 2000' long lateral in Travis peak, with a modest (6 stage) frac, if I read the numbers right.  Some acid in the frac as well. 


dbob and jffree1 --- I quess there has been a Horz TP well drilled--- interesting



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