On this well are they going back in the 220535 or is it a new drill just at same location?

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Last weekly rig report listing, 3/13.  After 38 days drilling the Crowell LM 3 was Temporarily Abandoned @ 14,491'.

RAPIDES 02 975704 CROWELL LM 3 SWD 001 09-JUN-20 S5683 003-01S-01W 2595 CHENEYVILLE, WEST

what does this mean Skip, is MRO moving forward with plans to place water produced by future wells in the area?  

It is a permit for an additional SWD well so the company must be planning for the need to dispose of more produced formation water.  Beyond that, I'll leave the analysis to Rock Man or Jay..

Hard to figure this one out without being in MRO's offices and inner sanctum.

The Crowell well had tested over 13,000 BW per day along with 7+ MMCF and 1007 BO on March 24, 2020.

Those types of water volumes come close to exceeding what one SWD could handle - and depending on O&G prices, there MAY be some benefits of drilling another SWD to continue to produced the O&G (which I am guessing will probably decline over time).

But when you read the attached incident report about a small spill on the location - and the report and Sonris info that indicates well is being temporarily P&A'd - one has to wonder why a second SWD.

Guess we have to wait to see what happens. At best, economics here are skinny.


Maybe a positive step, hopefully.   I do know that what I heard direct from a Gas Company/LNG source on the receiving end of the Pawnee area well that the gas that was coming from that well was very good, clean.   I know they stopped receiving for awhile but not sure about now.   Not sure what had means.


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