Has anyone heard about some landmen looking to start up new TMS leases in Rapides Parish?

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Randall, they already lease EAST and WEST...I heard RIG staying in area for a while...they not the only dog in the show....that’s good for us...

BlackBRUSH  RIG. UP.....

Thanks for keeping us updated. Great info

SKIP, how does one know what property is in the each unit?

The application for a compulsory drilling unit must include a plat that shows the boundary of the unit and each interior ownership tract.  The larger tracts often will include the owners name.  The field orders are contained in the Document Access portion of the SONRIS database. 

When a company applies to form a drilling unit they are required to send notice letters to all surface and mineral owners of record within the unit boundary and immediately adjacent to a distance of 1000'.  The notice letter includes the complete application including the plat.

SKIP, THANK YOU... could you post for us?

Doug, you will have to be specific concerning what unit you would like me to post.

Do you need a specific address or just a general area?

If you want a plat, it has to be a specific unit.  Addresses and general areas are insufficient.  Section-township-range may help but only if there is an existing well.  Field orders are organized by field in the database.  If you know or can find the field, I can teach you how to search but that can be a time consuming process.  If I know specifics I can pull up a field order in about 60 seconds.  Without specifics, it could take an hour depending on the size of the field.

Skip, the plat on the BlackBrush well...or unit...

Skip, sorry, what specifics  do you need? I can give you that part, hopefully, Thanks..

I think Doug is referring to BBJB Properties LLC #250723, 1N,2E,section 23, and there is an existing well there- the Belco Giant,#220356 that was drilled in 1997, that was plugged and abandoned.  hope that is enough info for you, Skip

Field 2592, Cheneyville, Dist Code 2, Area Code 1



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