More importantly to me is the question what are the E/P companies looking for, Oil or Gas, or both? 

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i have found maps of both the haynesville shale and the austin chalk.  friends of mine rcvd the letters and i will ask which companies.  i have been following this site for over two years and have seen the drilling moving south and most recently Bentley.   there is also lots of activities around forest hill.   i'm a small landowner.
It would be very interesting to see which companies are looking at that area.  I have land in the eastern part of Vernon Parish very close to the Rapides Parish line.  We had a lease but that was about 15 years ago and was never drilled.


how far are you from boyce?  we've got a consortium of landowners near boyce.

we're trying to get 10k a  of unleased land.


my property interest are about 25 miles from Boyce as a crow flys.  I wish you good luck on your efforts although I must say that it is much to early in the play to get even close to that per acre.   More wells must be drilled that come in with a high bpd production rate.  Also the depletion rates have to be established over time.  Total cost to produce and the risk of loss must be calculated  before the true value of a lease can be figured out.  The whole play could be a bull or it could turn out to be a bear.  Good luck!

you are correct about the price per acre.   what a few of us are doing is trying to get a consortium of owners together to try to get a big price for a big spread of acreage.

what i meant is that we now have about 6k acres committed and hope to get 10k acres total of unleased land.

we are hoping to package 10k and lease in the 1000's per acre.  ???


p.s. the condensates (wet gas) seems to be a big part of the eagle ford in east texas.

if they look at your land,  wet gas can sometimes quadruple lease and roalties.  please let us know if they get close to you.   thanks


i was out at 34h and even tho they were filling up a tanker from the new storage tanks, the on sight mgr said that they were still looking.

this is a good question.  what shale formations are below rapides parish other than austin chalk and tuscaloosa?  does anyone ever drill in the paluxy or the edwards lime?  what about the wilcox?  is that in this area?

david, a better question would be, what unconventional (extremely low permeability) reservoirs are present in Rapides Parish?  Not all unconventional reservoirs are shale.  For example the Lower Smackover prospect we are following along the Arkansas line is a limestone.  As far as I know the Paluxy and Wilcox are conventional reservoirs.  Wherever you find productive vertical wells for a particular formation you have found a conventional reservoir.  It is possible that some formations have areas of extremely low permeability and areas of higher permeability.  In the case of the Haynesville formation most areas are sand and only a limited area is shale with low perm.

You probablly have the Haynesville Shale under Rapides but it will be so deep and hot that it will be cooked. Wilcox wells  have been producing for years around Catahoula Lake and Glenmora.


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