Broadly speaking, the drilling activity in DeSoto and Red River Parishes into the Haynesville has historically been similar.  Surely, DeSoto Parish has more often than not had more rigs working than in Red River Parish but the difference has not been great.  There have been a few times when Red River Parish had more rigs operating than DeSoto.  Now it seems that many more rigs are operating in DeSoto than in Red River.  Is my perception correct?  If I am correct, why the difference in activity?  Is not the core of the Haynesville found in both parishes?  What are drillers looking for and finding in DeSoto that is not to be found in Red River Parish?  For the record, I have property and mineral interests in both parishes. 

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It's less about the quality of the rock (depending on specific location) and more about which companies own development rights where and the amount of capital dedicated to HA drilling in 2014.  Since Dec. 1 DeSoto has 28 HA drilling permits:  14 by CHK, 10 by EXCO and 4 by J-W Operating.  Red River has 6:  3 by BHP and 3 by SWEPI.  All of these companies are drilling the best rock they have IMO.  EXCO has always been one of the most active drillers and DeSoto is their piece of the core.  CHK's recent increase in development also helps to create the wide difference in activity.

Thank you for the helpful response.  Encana had leased most of my property in Red River Parish (some in a join venture with SWEPI).  They failed to lease anew for a second term after having done so once. The decline of interest by Encana in dry gas plays explains much.  I suppose/hope that in time another company will come knocking since we are certainly in the core of the Haynesville. 

I think that BHP and Anadarko will pick up HA acreage as it becomes available at an attractive price from EnCana and others.  It will be interesting to see their lease offers for open acreage when they are ready to drill. EnCana really hurt itself long term by being drawn into the Haynesville Shale madness and joining the land rush to lock up shale acreage across too many plays.  Some of the most productive HA wells are in Red River.

Had initial offer today in Sec 12-12-11 for 500 per net acre and 1/5 royalty.  Stood firm on 1/4 and they passed on the lease before we even discussed bonus.

Would you mind saying who "they" are?

I too had a recent offer in Township 12, Range 11W (several sections) from a company that to my knowledge has never drilled a Haynesville Well.  We countered with two options and have had no response.  I think that several of my neighbors took the offer.  Either this company plans to "flip" the leases (as suggested elsewhere on GHS) or could it be they are unskilled in negotiation and the dialectical process?

Cortez Resources is behind the offers in 12N-11W.  Cortez is not an operating company.  From what is available in the public record their business model is to acquire prospective leasehold (in this case 10,000 to 15,000 acres has been mentioned) and joint venture the prospect with a company that operates participating as a Working Interest or bringing in a contract operator to handle the drilling program.  Although their website was "under construction" the last time I checked there is information regarding Cortez in other plays.  Here is an excerpt from an article in The Advocate on the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale:

Cortez Resources in Dallas has around 50,000 acres under lease, with the majority in East Feliciana Parish, said Michael F. Catrino, co-founder, executive vice president and chief operating officer.

“Nobody’s really tested the deeper area down in East Feliciana and West Feliciana parishes,” Catrino said. “We really believe that’s probably going to be one of the best parts of the play.”

The oil in most of Cortez’s acreage lies 12,500 to 14,000 feet below the surface.

Catrino said Cortez usually brings in partners to drill its leases. The company’s core property is in the Eagle Ford, where its partner Penn Virginia is operating three rigs.

Cortez is planning to take a similar approach in the Tuscaloosa, Catrino said. But the company is still working on joint ventures to do that.

Cortez Resources appears to be legit and is not what I would classify as a "flipper" because they acquire leasehold with some amount of geological due diligence with the  intent to participate in the development of that leasehold.  I don't think they will have any competition for leases in the particular area of 12N - 11W.  I would consider leasing to them under the right terms.  As usual the specific facts of a mineral interest are material to the lease value so it's difficult to say what is a good offer under the circumstances.  IMO 12N - 11W is Tier 3 Haynesville acreage (possibly with as good or better Bossier Shale) and is unlikely to draw any competitive lease offers at the current price of NG.  I'll hedge that by saying I am seeing this approach in several plays and in some cases, including this one, I think it is driven by expectations of significantly improved NG prices 12 to 18 months from now.

I have property in Section 12, Township 14 North Range 9 West, Red River Parish.Is there any news of any activity in that area?    Charles

Charles, there is no sign of current or eminent activity in your area.  All of the major Haynesville Shale operators are beginning to pick up the pace of drilling except one, Shell (SWEPI).  You've got good rock but are in a SWEPI area.

Skip,  Thanks for the information.      Charles.


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