from two different good sources-- Anadarko is leasing in Rusk County in the Caledonia area near were Panola, Rusk,and Shelby countries join--- Rumor is deep Oil play in 20,000 feet depth initial offers in $500/22.5%R

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Andrew-- check discussion on this same question started by Brent in the general forum on lower smackover brown dense group -- check Brent's comments. SE Rusk County Deep Oil

You hit the nail on the head Andrew.

I went through the report - maybe too fast... can you tell me which page the map is on??

I really would like to talk with you concerning the A-480.


francis--- what the WOW about??? and where you been last two years? If you are WOWing about Brent's talk of a oil find in your mineral area around the Bole's Travis Peak well -- don't get too pumped up for it my be unproven SCAM--- I don't know that for fact yet but read this tread plus another tread he writting in SE Rusk County Deep Oil--- several member think he is not for real-- see Lee, Robert minton, and Hopeful about nat gas comments

Who is Minton? Why should I see him? I think that a drive to the country is in store. Why would they be staking a drill site? Just Saying....


Count me in the group of skeptics.  I don't have land or minerals in the area you mention, but the USGS report you provided doesn't seem to support what you've claimed.  

If I follow the logic - faulting in this area has lead to productive Travis Peak, with potential source rock from the smackover.  There is still hydrocarbon trapped in the smackover, and thats the target at 20,000+ feet deep?

I;d buy something more like what seems to be happening in Panola county- Chevron and others appear to be drilling horizontal Travis Peak wells at modest depth to recover more oil.  

Most of us here have heard the "deep oil" rumors, that coupled with your attitude is making for a somewhat skeptical/hostile response.  

Before you respond, let me grab my popcorn

dbob--looks like brent changed his ID again--now 23h4ypcem71ii

Well, a good landman will get the best price for his/her O & G company, its business.  They have a right to be here to gather info... Just like mineral owners should be able to access an Oil Company's info (not after the fact, see Chesapeake 2007) on their own mineral interest to make an INFORMED decision.

By ripping off families on the front end (5yrs/$250-$350/20% AND on the down low, Chesapeake extracted a lot of wealth out of NW La. that should have stayed in La. not sent to Oklahoma City. 

The same thing is going to happen in East Texas, with various other companies, in the Smackover Oil play in my honest opinion. Hey, at least the money is going to Houston this time ha. 

Brent--- the two sources I got info from to start this thread now also neither have any thing solid to support the rumor for their rumor may go back to you--- who knows for sure. So it up to you to prove it's not just a rumor I guess. You need to do something to show you are creditable with what you say-- like the statement about new permits couple days ago--- I find none on RRC site. I very much would like to beleive your statement that there is a big oil find deep in area--- So if you say you have let it out of the bag-- how is time to let it all flow for all to see---- you give it too us--- the last permits in Rusk by Anadarko is back in May early June which were H Cotton Valley Gas wells in Minden and Tatum fields-----jffree1 may comment on this since she is our Expert on the Texas RRC web site.

Your observations re: Rusk Co. permits on RRC agree with what I've seen.


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