I have mineral intersts located near the Rusk Panola County line in the Brachfield and Pinehill area. All of it is leased with some leases expiring soon. Cabot recently contacted me about pooling two units for horizontal drilling in a cotton valley tight sand formation.  Any information about activity in this area between Henderson and Carthage?

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Do you have the names of the units they want to pool? And, can you be any more specific about the survey/abstract your interest is in? Or, maybe just a road intersection in the area?

Goodrich has been active on the county line in Rusk and Panola, mostly north of Hwy. 79. Other operators who might have an interest in the area are Devon, XTO and Anadarko.
The units involved are the Rogers and Pinkerton gas units. The Rogers units is part of the Susan Jeffers Survey A-459 and the B.A. Van Sickle Survey A-796. My mineral interest is in the Rogers unit so that's all I have info on. They need 65% of the interest owners to agree to move forward. I didn't like the Production Sharing Agreement they sent me so my attorney and I sat on it for a couple of months wanting some changes made. Cabot would'nt deal with us at first but they finally agreed to our demands. I got the feeling they were having trouble getting to 65%.

I have a 10 acre interest in a 42 acre tract that will be expiring very soon in the Brachfield area so that is why I am interested in leasing activity in this area. Hope I answered your question with what limited info that I have.
I'm interested in what is going on with companies making larger units using production sharing agreements. Devon has applied for one in Harrison County that combines three cotton valley units into one Haynesville unit. I would assume that the units would reserve their previous boundaries with respect to the wells already producing and that the new unit (sharing agreement) would apply only to new Haynesville wells crossing unit lines.
I understand why they want to do this but I think I would need some sort of clause saying that they had to drill a well every few years if the acreage was not already being produced. It would stink to double up on HBP acreage held by one well and then never see another well for a very long time... or maybe never. It doesn't matter so much if the acreage is already HBP and this would give them room to drill a long lateral horizontal well in the direction it needs to go.

Brachfield is a little further south than I was looking earlier. Several companies have drilled deep verticals in the area: Cabot, NFR, Sojitz (testing Cotton Valley Lime now), Goodrich. The only Haynesville activity down there is East and Northeast in Panola County. Devon is about 9 miles east drilling the Markey #1H and Goodrich completed the Taylor Sealy Gas Unit #3H with an IP of 9.229 MMcfd to the NE about 7 miles.

I'm sure there are some other operators down there. I just don't know about them because I focus on all things Haynesville so I have tunnel vision if they aren't drilling shale wells.
The understanding I have is that Cabot wants to pools the units and to go horizontal through the Taylor tight sand formation. the size of the Haynesville shale is still being determined from what I understand. I am also leased to Devon in Panola County. I am just going to sit back and see what happens since the technology is still evolving.
i have acreage in rusk county that is coming up for lease. does anyone know what the lease rates are?
I wouldn't even talk to them for anything less than $500 dollars an acre and this may be low depending on what formation they want to drill to. I know permits have been issued in Rusk County as deep as 16,000 feet. That sounds like shale depth to me but I am no geologist. Anybody I have talked to in the oil business is pretty closed mouthed about shale prospects but I do know they are drilling some deep wells in that county. I live in Central Texas but own several mineral interests in Rusk/Panola county so I try to keep up with it as best I can.

Does anybody have any idea what leases are going for around Henderson Field in Rusk County?  We have 4000 acres that is HBP by Cotton Valley wells.


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