Mostly Devon leases.  I hope it's a monster.



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PSHL = Proposed Surface Hole Location

PBHL = Proposed Bottom Hole Location


The PP is called differently by different companies.  CHK is the only one I've seen who calls it PUPP.  EOG uses "Perf. Pt."  But it is usually the Penetration Point. 

I'm attaching plats from 3 operators to you can see the differences.  Another abbreviation you might see is TP for "Take Point".

Sorry, here's the 3rd plat:
 Ok I can't open them on this comp. but I do understand thank you

Yeah, I just assume everyone has a TIFF reader, of some sort, and they don't.  Sorry about that.

 Jffree I went by there yesterday the frac rig is not there yet where can I check to see when the rig sets up there?

Phillip, once drilling is finished we (non-industry folks) don't have access to any further information about wells until the reports are filed on RRC. Now, it's just a waiting and watching situation. 


Thanks for the help I'll keep watching
Anybody else thats in this unit I would like to keep in touch with you about the progress, just add me as a friend.


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