Has andyone been approached by Devon Energy?  They just called wanting to lease my mineral rights for 3 years.

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Where are you located.

I've heard they're out there somewhere - are your minerals in about the "middle of the upper part of Sabine County"??

Hi Everyone,  has any other company approached ya'll other than Devon.  I was seeing conversations about other companies in the area.  I have been talking to Devon and if there is another company I would like to see what they have to offer.

W&T and Cabot have filed some leases.  I think that if you evaluate the areas that the leases have been filed for W&T and Cabot they are distinctly in different focus areas(surveys) for the most part than Devon.  That may change but you might want to look into that information as well as the lease terms and bonus amount when negotiating with companies.  Bottom line, if a unit is formed you want to have the best chance you can to be included.

What company is W&T?

WTI is W & T Offshore, Inc. and they gave a little info on our area in their presentation on 9-5-12 @ Barclays CEO Energy Power Conf.. See page 20.

Does anyone know of companies wanting to inquire about leasing mineral rights by fin and feather in Sabine County Texas my sister and I have about 38 acres

Anita, Julie Freeman (jffree1) would be the person to ask.  Suggest that you send her a friend request or wait to see if she replies in this discussion thread.  The thread is very old, 2012.


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