I have mineral rights in both of these surveys. I have to admit that I am not very knowledgeable about if there is any drilling going on.  I know my lease for the james mason survey has expired and I am not sure where this survey is located in Sabine County.  Can anyone help me understand where it is? 


I know where the william isaacs survey is located.  Are they drilling close to this area?  I understand that Cabot could be drilling.  Any help with this too?


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Marsel in Texas

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There is no drilling in Sabine County at the moment.  J. Mason, A-160 is a couple of miles north of Milam between Hwy. 87 and the lake. A relatively small part of the survey is on the west side of Hwy. 87.  If you are driving north on 87 from Milam and you find a pipeline ROW that crosses the Hwy. you are in the Mason survey. Telephone Rd is mostly in that survey and FM 276 is on the north boundary.

Thank you.

How many acres do you have?  I just helped a client lease minerals to Devon along with a small interest I have in William Isaacs A-25.  They are leasing the shallow to the base of the Pettet formation.

There are a whole mess of Ruddell relatives that have an interest in the William Issac's survery A-25.  My interest is 0.5164 net mineral acre.  I think our lease runs out in Dec 2012. 


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