I was wondering if anyone has been contacted concerning this well. I'm trying to figure out what I can expect next and in what kind of timeframe.

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Offers are down year over year along with the price of an mcf and the outlook for the next 18 months but the royalty retroactive to January 2019 is a new one on me.  Please consider posting the name of the company making the offer.

I'll look for it this evening.

I know I said that I would look for it and I still have every intention to do so, but I have been really busy at work lately what with Turnaround season upon us.

OOOh, that hurts!  XTO paid $1.93 for gas in August. 


186657.00MCF from the H1

292353.00MCF from the B1

$2.10 per MMBtu? Or is it MMCF? I think it's per MMBtu and that allows them to do some more adjustment with the column that they call "Btu Factor".

hub prices are stated in mcf.  gas is sold off the hub basis prices but also on btu.  Dry gas has a btu factor under 1.  The Haynesville might be 0.92 btu per mcf while "rich" gas might be 1.09 btu per mcf.  When ethane prices are low, operators are said to reject it meaning that instead of separating it out to sell as ethane, they leave it in to boost the btu value.

From what I've heard, the Keydets Gas Unit should provide GREAT wells & there's room to drill more.  I am trying to find out if anybody knows the results of the BP - Mississippi #1H.  This well might prove that good production could be obtained farther South than originally thought.  Does anybody have any info on this well?  Thanks - 


That cat is still in the bag on the IP. They completed the well back in February and turned in a tiny amount of production (7330 mcf) then it was shut-in until Sept when initial production was reported as 142,834 mcf. For October they reported 321,976 mcf, Lease ID #287352



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