I was wondering if anyone has been contacted concerning this well. I'm trying to figure out what I can expect next and in what kind of timeframe.

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Thanks for posting. Definitely more aggressive fracs.

I do believe that is what jffree1 would call a barnburner!

This is good? Would there be a Christmas Tree on Top of it??

Assuming well is producing to sales, there may only be a riser pipe that goes back underground to separator / dehydrator unit and then to gas pipeline taking gas offsite. Some valves for emergency shut in but nothing like a Christmas tree sitting on a well that is not hooked up to sales yet.


I was thinking of a real Christmas Tree...guess that is a building :(   

I thought you meant the wellhead type of tree with all the valves and other attachments. Lol

The completion report for the KEYDETS-A 47 4H well that was submitted on 9/21/2022 has now been approved and the RRC Gas ID of 293440 assigned. This ID can be used in the "Production by Lease" query at the following link to generate a production report for the well.  No production has been reported yet. 



Thanks Wyo Guy!  Production is usually reported at the first of the month.

Usually a couple month lag on reporting production. October numbers will post sometime after Dec 1st. Companies vary as to when this info as reported. Could be early in month- could be past mid month.

Yes, the reports made on the Texas Railroad Commission site are generally up in the first, and they are always a couple of months behind.

No, I am wrong. The RRC reports are for the previous month.  It’s the checks from the producer that run a couple of months behind.


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