I was wondering if anyone has been contacted concerning this well. I'm trying to figure out what I can expect next and in what kind of timeframe.

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Have had offers from 83,000 to over 500,000. Not selling!

Looks like no love from XTO again this month. At least the Interest Owners Relations part of the website doesn't say they are sending me a check this month.

The RRC hasn't added any new information to their site either.

285097 is the RRC Lease I'd number for the BSI Keydets #B1!

Turned to production on Nov 9...won't get paid til January!

I'm still looking for monies from the H1!

I'm thinking it's been producing since about April or May.

H1 reported 140,977 for October, 17,123 for September and 62,039 for July.  So hopefully I'll see a pretty good check for the end of December.

When does XTO have to report what they've harvested out of the B1 well?


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