I heard EOG is building a pad on FM3279 just South of 103.  Glad to have anothe O&G company in that area.

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I was told they are in the process of fracking this well.
I didn't note the rig # jffree1.
I just noticed EOG has permitted another Zap Minerals Well 9.9 miles South of SA....or is this  an amendment to the existing well?  Help jffree1.

Sorry, no... it isn't a new permit.  They filed the "as-drilled" plat for the ZM 1H, amended the bottom hole location, showing the bore path of the well... as-drilled.


W-1 plat (proposed):http://webapps.rrc.state.tx.us/dpimages/img/1000000-1099999/PR00010...


Plat (as-drilled): http://webapps.rrc.state.tx.us/dpimages/img/1000000-1099999/PR00010...


On another note, JWC, there is a new rock road (or new rock on an old road) going south off of SH 103 west of Hwy 147.  I believe this may be for the EnCana "Z. Redmond" well.

Thanks jffree1. Maybe we will get results on this well before long.  Hope Encana is about to drill the Z Redmond well.  That would be good.

would that be EGG in your face?

i mean eo


I'm not sure what you mean Janna.  All operators are required to file an as-drilled plat for wells in this field.

Joke - "Egg in your face"

Not a very good well. 1717.mcf

JWC, that is a strange looking well and I have asked someone to look at it to find out why it looks "odd" to me.  I know they plugged the final 2300' of the lateral and then only did a five stage frac on the remainder.  I wouldn't get too down in the dumps about it just yet. And it could be that the Haynesville isn't so hot but it might still have good Bossier prospects.  Also, that test was pulled on the last day of Sept. and the well was completed on Aug. 12 and it flowed 95,495 mcf in August.


Thanks jffree1 let us know if you find out anything.  Sure thought it would be much better than that.  I was hoping that was a misprint........
I know... I had to clean my glasses and take a second look.



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