Major move to the south in San Augustine Co., this well is 12.1 miles southwest of San Augustine in the A. Spear, Abstract 43. Woohoo!! all you south county people!

Status # 687761
OP # 251691 - ENCANA OIL & GAS(USA) INC.
Pending Approval ,
Submitted: 11/23/2009 ,Filed: Online
New Drill 15000'
Field - Wildcat

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Where is our MOTHERLOAD cheer?
On the front page!
Post it for us! Front page of which paper?
GHS front page is the only news (in print) I get in Sabine County, j garret, without importing from Dallas or Houston (not counting the weekly Sabine County Reporter).

Reply by Cheerleader 10 hours ago
MOTHERLOAD appears to have become an understatement. There ain't no "livin" with me now guys!!!
Just to refresh your memories...
On or about December 9, 2009...yes... 2009, Cheerleader predicted this well was going to be "huge" yes "huge".
Many of you scoffed at Cheerleader's prediction. [ you know who you are] Cheerleader ignored the mockery and continued to cheer the people of San Augustine county on to become the MOTHERLOAD of the Haynesvilleshale.
{good thing Cheerleader has high esteem]
On May 3, 2010 at 11.01pm Cheerleader entered into a bet that the well would initial over 22 mmcfd with a bottle of Cristal champagne on the bet. [Cheerleader is high maintenance and bottom line here someone owes Cheerleader a bottle of Cristal.] Now, many of you see Cheerleader as a cute blue eyed blond, 5'8", in a cute red, white and blue cheerleading out fit....and don't forget the megaphone with 'MOTHERLOAD' embossed with pink crystals....and the famous pom poms. Now you can stop with the stupid pom pom jokes!!! [you know who you are] Yes, Cheerleader is all of those adorable characteristics and more...intuitive, intelligent...perceptive
but enough about Moi. I can't close without saying....MOTHERLOAD PEOPLE UNITE. Retain your attorney and negotiate those leases for top dollar!!! Love and Kisses to everyone!!! We are truly blessed!! God Bless America
and God Bless Texas!!!!!!!!!!
Cheerleader.... Champion of the Motherload People

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Well Said!

Farmbrad, better break out a new set of drums, Well #2H is coming! No surprise, since #1H came in so strong.

Check out the plat! Second well 550' SW of the first, on a parallel course.

I just broke the good news to Farmbrad this afternoon. Im guessing that we'll be hearing from him shortly. It appears that the unit is the exact same as the Blackstone A-43 1-H
Ok, with BS A43 2H 550' closer to me & parallel to A1, It' going to take about 10 wells to do me any good. I don't think Encana will make the 13 months they have left on the lease with that scenario. I'm still banging on the drums though! With the Murray & Crane just west & the BS A43's just east, it's just a matter of time....
When I was up in the area last weekend, I noticed that Encana has moved the rig in for BS A-43 2H. It looked like most of the rig was there, they were just putting it together. Won't be long & I'll get to hear their engines running 24/7.
Do you have any new info updates/observations on the well being drilled at Encana's BS A-43 2H site?  Thanks.
I visited the site yesterday. I think they're finished. A week ago a crew was there with a rig setting a piping arrangement that had three color coded sections. It stood about 15ft. My guess is that the piping was to be used to frac the well. This weekend only the bottom green section is there standing about 5ft from grade elevation. The dirt work looks complete and there was no activity. Hopefully , we've got another gusher and Encana will keep punching holes. Move west one mile Encana, one mile...
West and South is what we need farmbrad.



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