I was just looking at the W-1 for Keydets DU B1 and saw that there were some people protesting something for the P-5, or something or another.  Can someone please enlighten me?

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Speculating, but it is likely that the well bore goes within an arbitrary distance from some unleased minerals.  As part of permitting, unleased mineral owners within that distance are given notice under SWR 37.  Never been to a hearing, but I suspect it gives them the ability to advocate for their mineral interests

Mister Sunday, there are unleased minerals in unit tracts 3, 4 and 35 (see Remarks, top line on the permit page). XTO filed for a SWR 37 exception due to unleased mineral owners they allegedly just found. XTO got an exception for those same tracts for the first well (how long has it been in pay now?) but it appears they found even more owners who were never notified in the first round so they have to go through the process again.

I'm not a lawyer but I see lots of questions that could come from this late filing for an SWR37 exception on these tracts.

RRC just shut down for maintenance so you will have to wait until it comes back online which could be just an hour or not until after 6 PM. Look at all the documents

Could they be new due to sale of property?

I doubt it.

Speculation - it doesn't look like those on the service list are identified on the tract map.  Any possibility these might be heirs that have a right to a portion of a mineral interest?

I just hope it is resolved quickly.  I like watching my passive income pile up.

dbob, quite often the name on the plat is a surface owner and not the mineral owner(s). If you look at those tracts on the P-12, there should be a check mark on the right side showing there are unpooled/unleased interests but they won't be named. One would have to go through the title to find out where they fit in.


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