Hello!  I am new to this discussion board, just looking around for some info.

I own 176 acres between Center and Nacogdoches, currently leased to EOG,
expiring in February. They have been working on a pipeline running down
the road adjacent to my property, to connect with a well close to the
Excelsior School I think. The well is platted just on the other side of
my fence line. Does anyone know what is going on in that area? I live in
Austin and haven't been back to Center in quite a while.

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Susan, can you give us the survey name or the abstract # or the well name? I don't see anything recent between Excelsior and Nacogdoches or anything pertaining specifically to EOG in that area but I may be in the wrong ballpark. A bit more direction, please.
L D Vance Survey, A-753, and possibly part of the Lewis Odom Survey A-539
Well is named Tolles #1

Plat is attached

Thanks for the help!

The Tolles #1 has been permitted but I don't see a rig listed on Baker Hughes rig count for that well. Most likely the well has not been spud yet. Click the Texas Railroad Commission link for more info on the Tolles #1 well.
Thanks for the great info! How will I know when they begin drilling? I haven't heard a word from EOG in quite a while.

You can check Baker Hughes Rig Count (interactive map) and Smith STATS (Excel spreadsheet "Weekly Rig Detail") each week, both are updated each Friday late afternoon.
Huge thanks!

I went to the Baker site, the map never came up.

Susan, The Tolles #1 was spud Aug. 13 and finished drilling around the middle of September so it is waiting on completion. It was permitted vertical to 12,500' in the Naconiche Creek (Rodessa-Travis Peak Consolidated) field.
So I guess the fact that they were laying the pipeline in late October is a good sign?
Probably so. It may have been completed already but it hasn't been reported yet.
Susan, you can also check the Tyler Paper for the East Texas Drilling reports each Sunday if you don't see it on here first. www.tylerpaper.com

Good luck on your well.
Hi, I am new to this too. I would like to ask if any one knows about rebel unit. It is located in the Head/Garner survey and pad was placed about 10/9/10 with drilling completed last week of Nov. It is located off fm 1121, I was told that Patterson put christmas tree there. EXCO owns most of the leases in this pool and Patterson drilled the well. I wanted to know what to expect next and where do you find information on what they found. Thanks for any help!


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