I went to the site of both of these wells on 29 July. Both wells are in T16N R16 W , one in Section 10 and one in Section 9 about 1/2 mile from each other. The PBAF well appears to be complete and ready for production if that has not already started. Fracing was being completed on the Agurs well. One of the field workers told me that pressures that morning were at about 7500 psi and pressure is expected to be at about 10,00 psi when their work is complete. According to that worker, it is expected that the well will come in at 10 to 15 mcf/day. This is consistent with other wells south and east of there.

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YLO, I finally got a hold of the right people at Chesapeake. Section 17, T16N, R15W started production to sales on 11/29/2009 at 8.4 Mmcf with a more recent natural decline to 6.3 Mmcf. I asked about the choke and they tried to tell me "580". When I told them that I expected choke data in x/64ths she acted like she had no idea what I was talking about. So we may have to wait for Sonris to catch up to see just how throttled the well is and other data like pressure. Not a Petrohawk barnburner but nothing to cry about either. Division orders should go out in March or April and checks after that. Section 16 is still waiting for completion. Not sure what the hold up is on that one.
josh, u are the man, thanks alot. I actually went to shrevport last week and saw the wolley site. U can hear the gas pumping. I saw the rig on sec 16, the man on site told me they were "hours from being done. Hope you are doing well.


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