Yesterday (10/29/2014), DNR posted a new well permit issued to Goodrich in the Little Silver Creek Field.   Here is a link:

Good Luck GDP and all mineral/ land owners!


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If the wells are any good they could be reported in GDP's 2nd. Quarter corporate presentation on August 5.  Even if the wells are very good that news may take a back seat to the question of whether GDP can maintain its New York Stock Exchange listing.  Their stock is now below a dollar.  Lessors under those wells, and indeed under any GDP wells, should be reading the Main Page discussions about what to do to protect themself when their operator takes bankruptcy.

Looks like some production numbers for this well were finally posted on the state site.   They look low compared to what's been reported in the past for similar wells in that area.    Is that because it is a mediocre well or are they intentionally keeping the production less than full potential?

When the well was tested in June it was on a 13/64" choke setting.  Pretty tight.  There is no way to know when and how much the operator adjusts the choke except for the twice a year DT-1 tests.  There should be a well test posted to the SONRIS Well File in November sometime.  You can compare that orifice size to the original setting.  As bad as GDP needs the cash flow I can't imagine them restricting the flow on this or any other of their TMS wells unless there is a mechanical problem with the well.

Also that they posted results on Sonrise for Kinchen 58H-1 came in at 663 BOPD and 201 MCFD. I was told that they scrubbed and put a lift on well. In July they were having problems. Not what they wanted but what is is what is....

Thanks for the update, Frankie.  A lot of that going around unfortunately.

I saw that B-Nez 1 reported zero output for the month of March.   B-Nez 2 reported expected output.   Is that a mistake or is something wrong with the well?

The production reporting has some problems.  Makes it hard to make an educated guess. There is nothing in the well files that addresses the lack of recent reporting for #1.

Zero production reported for April as well.    #2 is still reporting production.   Has anyone heard if there is a problem with the well?    Seems like production abruptly stopped.


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