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Ensign Drilling SW Rig 753 is now listed as Assigned to the Kent 41H with projected spud date 7/5.

Cliff P, to view a plat of this well use this link and go to Page 9.

Ensign US SW #753 reports 7/3 Assigned, projected spud date 7/11.

Ensign US SW #753 reports 7/11 Assigned, projected spud date 7/15.

The Kent 41H no longer has a rig reporting.

There is no rig there .Maybe October...

Correct.  Previous rig reports were for assignment only.  Ensign US SW #753 is till reporting on the Spears 31-6H #1 but at 19,520' it is close to completing its work.  GDP may be in the process of adjusting their drilling schedule and assigning the 753 to a different well.

Skip, your title of this blog reads Section 41, 2E-8E;  shouldn't it be 2S-8E

Yep.  Thanks for catching the typo.

Does anyone know what other sites are ready for a rig in Tangipahoa parish?

Nabors Drilling Rig X17 reported Moving On the Kent 41H #1, 10/31.

Nabors Drilling Rig X17 reported Spud 11/6, 2 days Drilling Ahead @100', 11/7.


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