At the February 16 MS O&G Board public hearing, the Board approved Australis's petition.


Petition of Australis TMS Inc., requesting the Board to integrate all interest in a 2,024-acre oil unit, situated in Sections 26, 33 and 41, Township 2 North, Range 2 East, for the horizontal drilling of the Morris 33-2H Well from an off-unit surface location 372' FEL and 2,020' FSL of Section 34, to a depth of 12,215' to test the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Formation at a regular location, with authority to drill multiple horizontal wellbores.

ORDER NO. 109-2022

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The question now is, does Australis deploy a rig and go back to trying to figure out how to drill a good (economic) TMS well, or are the units part of a plan to sell their leasehold to a bigger, more capable operator?  I'm thinking the second scenario is more likely.  I hope it works.  Australis needs to cash out and go away, IMO

Skip didn’t they use outdated fracking technology on the few wells they drilled after the Encana acquisition? I miss Encana. They had come a long way in clearing the tech hurdles such as drilling the lateral and the “rubbleized” zone, etc? Their last few wells are licking in the 600,000 bbl. mark if memory serves?

The only good wells were a couple of Encana's.  Austalis thought they could do better and said so.  They didn't.  There are drilling challenges including the rubble zone and then there are frack challenges dealing with clay content and less than ideally brittle shale.  As to their completion designs, I'd defer to Rock Man on that subject.  The drilling challenges as they relate to the long laterals needed to make the play economic may actually be a tougher challenge than the completion design.


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