Energy Drilling Rig #10 spud the Bergold 29H #2 on 8/30/18 in Amite County, Township 1 North - Range 6 East.

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Bet this is spudder rig for surface hole

Correct. This is the second spud by the #10. The first was the Stewart 30H #1 (same pad) on the 19th.  One of the Nabors X rigs is expected to move from the Haynesville fairway to Amite County in the next few weeks.

The PACE®-X800 rig is a cutting edge rig design optimized for drilling multiple wells on a single pad. It can move in any direction along the X and Y axis, and is capable of moving over existing wellheads without third-party services or interfering with parallel operations on adjacent wells.   

The PACE®-X800 rig was specifically engineered for well manufacturing in the U.S. shale plays, by reducing high-risk activity associated with skidding operations. With unmatched batch drilling capabilities, the PACE®-X800 rig is configured to meet an operator’s current and future drilling needs. It provides the necessary horsepower, pressure and torque to be delivered to the bit, allowing operators to maximize lateral length on directional and horizontal wells. 

The PACE®-X800 rig has an average walk/skid time of only 2.3 hours from well to well. Its modular design limits the components needed to be rigged up and rigged down to streamline move times over short distances.

How many wells does the company plan to drill in the TMS over the next year or so??

Their statement is in one of these TMS discussions.  If memory serves, they have initial plans for 6 - 8.


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